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VEGAS Pro 16 released – More power, more speed, more creative freedom

A high-performance video engine, intelligent workflow enhancements, and powerful, state-of-the-art editing features solidify VEGAS Pro as a cutting-edge tool for the professional market.

08/27/18 VEGAS Creative Software delivers next-generation video editing with the release of VEGAS Pro 16. With a high-performance video engine, intelligent workflow enhancements, and long-awaited, state-of-the-art editing features, the fastest video editor on the market is now packed with more power, speed, and innovation.

VEGAS Pro 16 delivers the groundbreaking improvements to solidify the software’s well-earned reputation as the leader for professional video creation. It now includes professional-level Video Stabilization so that even the shakiest camera footage can be salvaged with ease, and cutting-edge Motion Tracking so that any object on screen can be tracked and edited with a range of options and filters and effects can be added to tracked objects for color grading, blurring, pixelization, and more. Powerful Dynamic Storyboarding features enable the creation and organization of rough cuts and alternate sequences with a speed unrivaled by any other video editor. Multiple Storyboards allow for easy experimentation with different video cuts, allowing users to quickly switch between alternate project edits to compare and create. VEGAS Pro 16 now offers an end-to-end workflow for High Dynamic Range color (HDR) so it is compatible with professional HDR-capable cameras, monitors, and other hardware. Now VEGAS Pro users can deliver HDR content with stunning color and detail along with important metadata. Full 360° video support has been introduced so 360º video productions can be edited to meet the growing demands of the emerging VR market.

With these headline additions, plus a wide array of other new features (see below) VEGAS Pro 16 is now, more than ever before, the logical choice for fast, intuitive, and creative, professional-level video productions.

Gary Rebholz, Product Owner for VEGAS Pro says: “VEGAS Pro has always been the fastest way to create professional videos, but with version 16 we’ve once again set the bar for professional video and audio production. With innovative features and efficient workflow additions, including several important tools and options the VEGAS Pro community has been waiting for, we’ve taken the next critical step in building the new-generation video editor. The fastest video editor on the planet just got even faster!”

VEGAS Pro 16: major new features in detail

Motion Tracking

VEGAS Pro 16 features a powerful, native motion tracking tool that enables the user to track the movement of an object through the video frame and edit it with a range of options. For the first time ever, this allows VEGAS users to apply spot color grading, pixelization, or isolated color grading and correction to moving objects. Also, it is possible to “pin” titles to the tracked object so that text automatically follows movement. The new motion tracking opens a variety of exciting possibilities for projects, especially in combination with the Bézier Masking tools, filters, and effects.

Video Stabilization

The world-class video stabilization engine has been designed from the ground up with the latest technology. This results in faster, more efficient, and more accurate stabilization than in previous versions of VEGAS, even with 4K media. The redesigned video stabilization is an essential tool for modern handheld production techniques and offers speed, simplicity, and a nondestructive workflow with flexible settings to achieve precise results. It’s also been designed to take advantage of newer multicore processors, so owners of high-powered, modern PCs can enjoy speed and precision.

Dynamic Storyboarding

This powerful tool speeds up the cutting process and fosters creativity. Dynamic Storyboarding can be used to easily assemble rough cuts and alternate sequences so multiple ideas can be compared quickly. Thanks to the interconnected storyboard and timeline, any edits made on the main storyboard are directly reflected in the project timeline, while multiple additional storyboards allow for experimental edits and cuts.

Additional Workflow Enhancements

The further improved Hover Scrub feature makes it incredibly easy to locate specific video frames using a mouse with a thumbnail of the project in the Media Window. Project Media thumbnails can now be adjusted in size, enabling finer Hover Scrubbing and more accurate location of specific video frames. Users can now drag a bin to the timeline, including all of the media in storyboard bins, in order to add video events into the project timeline simultaneously rather than having to add files individually.

Full HDR Support

With High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, users can now take advantage of the latest advances in color technology to deliver amazing HDR quality including ultra-realistic video with stunning colors, richly textured blacks, and even the detail in bright spots that may have been blown out before. All aspects of the HDR workflow are covered including import, real-time HDR preview, HDR-aware video scopes, render to HDR with metadata, and even integrated, one-click HDR publishing directly to YouTube. It is now possible to complete a project from start to finish in full HDR with VEGAS Pro 16.

Complete 360° Compatibility

VEGAS Pro 16 includes support to meet the growing demands of the 360º video market. It includes templates for many of the most popular cameras such as the Samsung Gear 360, LG 360° cam, and Ricoh Theta. Users have the option to match their project properties to their 360º footage. VEGAS Pro 16 can stitch together dual-fisheye video and import 360° video stitched by cameras or other software. The workflow allows you to render 360º video files including Scene Rotation or the Tiny Planet effect.

Comprehensive file backup options

VEGAS Pro 16 offers the flexibility of multiple options when it comes to backing up projects, so if a user is working on a complex project, or one that is pushing the very limits of their PC, they can enjoy complete peace of mind. Users can back their work up after a set time which can be determined in minutes and hours, as well as daily backups. Projects can be saved and backed up automatically after every edit. All backups can be saved to the same folder as the project file, a temporary location, or any user-defined location.

Four ways to enjoy VEGAS Pro 16

VEGAS Pro 16 is available in four versions. VEGAS Pro 16 Edit is the base option, but still offers the complete VEGAS Pro feature set including all the new features such as Motion Tracking, Video Stabalization, and HDR Support. VEGAS Pro 16 is the standard version with additional software including Boris FX Continuum Lights Unit plug-in (a $195 value) for incredible lighting effects, proDAD VitaScene V3 LE (a $199 value) with 100 video effects, and VEGAS DVD Architect for professional DVD and Blu-ray authoring. VEGAS Pro 16 Suite is the ultimate video-editing package with all the new features and professional extras including the FXhome HitFilm Ignite Pro (a $200 value) bundle’s 180 plug-ins, the proDAD VitaScene V3 PRO (a $599 value) package of around 700 effects, and the Boris FX Sapphire Lighting Unit (a $595 value) set of spectacular natural and synthetic lighting effects. With VEGAS Pro 365, users get all the power and functionality of the regular VEGAS Pro 16, but enjoy future updates immediately upon release, full support, plus the VEGAS Pro 365 exclusive plug-in FXhome HitFilm Ignite 360 Toolkit (a $49.99 value) all for a low monthly fee.

VEGAS Pro 16 is now available online and in stores worldwide. Learn more at

Next generation of VEGAS Movie Studio available – more intuitive, more powerful

VEGAS Creative Software adds innovative workflow features and a multitude of professional tools to their popular video editing software VEGAS Movie Studio. Creating impressive videos has never been easier.
VEGAS Creative Software announces the all-new VEGAS Movie Studio 16. Powerful new features allow beginners as well as advanced users to create stunning videos in an efficient, fun editing environment.
The Guided Video Creator leads users from the beginning to the end through four easy steps to a complete movie. Even without previous experience, everyone can achieve impressive results. Focused editing modes offer specialized user interfaces to import and arrange files, add graphics, apply effects and transitions, and finish the movie. The user can easily switch between modes or jump into Power User mode for fast, efficient video creation.
“The unique Guided Video Creator helps anyone edit a movie fast regardless of experience level. When you’re ready for more control, the streamlined mode-based workflow guides you through the process, and full-featured Power User mode gives you the ultimate creative control. VEGAS Movie Studio makes it possible for anyone to produce great videos no matter how much experience they have”, says Gary Rebholz, VEGAS Movie Studio Product Owner.
Robust enhancements to the Project Media window make it easy to scrub through thumbnails to find the best part of a clip and set in and out points to isolate just the section of the video needed. For more precision, thumbnails can be resized. With the powerful interactive storyboard, users can quickly assemble a rough cut while edits instantly and automatically appear on the timeline. With these and many other intelligent workflow enhancements, VEGAS Movie Studio once again sets new standards in intuitive video editing.
In addition to these features in the basic version, the Platinum and the Suite versions introduce an impressive array of powerful new features normally found in professional video editing software. Precise motion tracking allows for easily tracking an moving object, isolating it to apply FX and adding text to follow it. The new video stabilization engine in VEGAS Movie Studio 16 quickly stabilizes wobbly footage and creates smooth, professional videos in an instant. With the complete 360° editing workflow, dual-fisheye footage can now be stitched, processed and exported with ease.
VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Suite offers advanced users an exciting package from NewBlueFX, including Titler Pro Express, for professional, animated 3D titles; the powerful and intuitive Chroma Key Pro; Essentials 5 Volume 3, with a large collection of professional-level tools to perfect colors, sharpen details, and polish the finished project; and much more.
“Users make it clear that they need tools which help them have fun while being productive,” says Rebholz. “VEGAS Movie Studio 16 brings powerful tools like those the pros use to everyone, and makes creating videos easy even while offering the most sophisticated editing tools and features.”
New features at a glance:
Guided Video Creator: The uniquely clever Guided Video Creator leads through video creation from start to finish. Use it to arrange clips, add music and titles, and finish the movie all within a single window – always with the option to take full control in the timeline.
Mode-based workflows: Move between specialized interfaces for all kinds of editing tasks to ensure fast and efficient video creation. A Power User mode offers complete access to all of the advanced tools.
Interactive storyboard editing: Easily create a rough cut of the video. Make changes and edits in the storyboard and see them automatically updated on the main timeline.
Hover Scrub: Move the mouse across video thumbnails in the storyboard to scrub through the video down to exact frames and find the important parts before adding them to the project.
In/Out points: Set in and out points in video files before adding them to the timeline so that timeline clip events will be automatically trimmed to the selected points.
Resizable thumbnails: Resize video thumbnails in the storyboard to see more detail and hover scrub to exact frames more easily for setting in and out points precisely.
Preview multiple selected files: Preview multiple media clips in sequence with a single play. A fast way to make and preview a rough edit.
Render cancel confirmation: VEGAS Movie Studio 16 ensures maximum protection by requesting confirmation before cancelling a rendering process.
Delete track warning: The new safety feature sends a warning if the track to be deleted contains any media.
Exclusively in VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum and Suite:
Precise motion tracking: Isolate, follow, and apply FX to moving objects in any scene, and pin other objects to move along with them.
Video stabilization: Stabilize shaky footage and get smooth, professional video results with just a click.
Bézier Masking OFX: Isolate and add effects to objects easier than ever by quickly adding and customizing Bézier masks directly in the preview window.
360° editing workflow: Make immersive, interactive video environments quickly and efficiently. Easily stitch together dual-fisheye footage, preview videos in 360°, and export directly to YouTube or other 360° video services.
Auto save and backup: Automatically save after every edit, and set an interval for periodic automatic file back up to keep multiple project versions.
Add missing stream: Use a simple right-click to automatically add back audio or video of a clip to the timeline.
Display length on event: See the exact length of timeline clip events displayed right in the event header. Type an exact value accurate to the frame to change the length of any event directly.
Temporarily ignore event grouping: Temporarily ignore event grouping to move an event while it stays permanently grouped with other events.
Indicate effects: Use this feature to see which media has FX added, then access and edit the effects directly from the timeline.
NewBlue Transitions 5 Ultimate: This plug-in provides a huge array of great pro-level animated transitions to give all videos a personalized look.
Exclusively in VEGAS Movie Studio Suite:
NewBlueFX Packages: Titler Pro Express, Chroma Key Pro, Cartoonr Plus, Cinema Collection Template Pack, Fluid Template Pack, and Essentials 5 Volume 3 – all powerful tools to give all videos a polished, professional shine.
Learn more at


April 16, 2019
GREYCORTEX has released the latest version of our MENDEL network traffic analysis solution. Version 3.3 has several important new features which improve detection and response for the network security team.
The biggest is that MENDEL’s detection and visibility capabilities are now available for SCADA/ICS environments. This new capability goes beyond support for several protocols found in earlier versions of MENDEL, and extends it to a whole new module, including the ability to visualize not just devices, but time series in IEC 61850 Goose, SNMP, and IEC104 protocols.
Not content with just SCADA features, we have added new reporting for managers and security analysts, detection and logging of TLS 1.3, and fingerprinting of encrypted traffic on the JA3 framework, as well as increasing the capabilities of the multi-sensor configurations.
New features

  • New managerial and security analyst reports summarize network data and security threats
  • New module for processing and visualization of SCADA protocols, including new dashboards for visualizing time series in IEC 61850 Goose, SNMP, and IEC 104 protocols
  • Added support for parsing CC-link protocol
  • Added support for parsing Enip/CIP protocol
  • Added support for parsing Kerberos protocol
  • Added support for parsing TFTP protocol
  • Added support for parsing IKEv2 protocol
  • Added support for parsing FTP protocol including parsing FTP data streams
  • Added detection engine for SSL/TLS client fingerprints JA3
  • Added multi-disc installation of MENDEL
  • Added GUI localization into Polish and Korean
  • Introduced new light color scheme
  • Integration with firewalls from Check Point

Please note New system of reports will replace in the near future the old type of reports. If you use them don’t forget to configure new reports.

  • Improved installer with enhanced user interface and new features
  • Improved dark color scheme
  • Redesigned severity color scheme
  • Reorganized main menu for better accessibility
  • Redesigned user dashboards for better user experience
  • Improved network capture module for better performance and less resource consumption
  • Improved network models for faster detection and reduced storage demands
  • Improved task planner and optimization of parallelized processing in the service for better resource consumption and management creating faster processing for multiple sensors on one collector
  • Improved detection and reparation of unusual, incomplete, or swapped flows
  • Improved parsing of incomplete or unidirectional flows
  • Improved network capture default configuration for better capture on all configurations
  • Improved processing of Active Directory events for better calculation of logged users
  • Improved Mikrotik plugin
  • Added button to restore user dashboards to default
  • Improved creation of complex firewall rules in plugin
  • Improved HTTP proxy pairing for incomplete or invalid communication

Bug Fixes
In general, our development team focused on improving the user experience and reporting.
Contact your local GREYCORTEX partner to find out how you can put MENDEL v3.3 to work for you.


March brings the most recent version of GREYCORTEX MENDEL; Version 3.0. As part of this release, MENDEL 3.0 brings several new features SOC administrators will love, as well as continued expansion for SCADA networks and upgraded hardware support.

Specifically, MENDEL now supports the latest in DELL Rx40 hardware. Those in SCADA network environments will enjoy updates to the MENDEL IDS system. Version 3.0 also includes visibility for the NFS (Network File System) and IEC 60870 5 101/104 protocols. SOC users will note that dashboards have been adjusted to better accommodate multiple sensors, and that the overall capacity for sensors connected to one collector has been increased to 30. Finally, MENDEL’s capabilities have been expanded to include the ability to add your own blacklist file, as well as export files to IBM Qradar SIEM via the LEEF format.
New Features

  • GREYCORTEX has added support for the latest Dell servers (Rx40) so users will now be able to use the latest hardware.
  • SCADA support continues, with updates to the MENDEL IDS engine to include visibility IEC 60870 5 101/104 protocols – bringing new security for professionals in the energy infrastructure sector.
  • SOC administrators will appreciate several new features in version 3.0, including new dashboard settings suitable for multiple sensors for better SOC visualization, as well as the ability to add up to 30 sensors on one collector, and finally; LEEF expert format for events exported to IBM Qradar SIEM, and the ability to upload users’ own blacklists in .csv file.

Several MENDEL features were improved. These included easier license extension, host identification, decryption performance, status monitoring, and data export.
Bug Fixes

In general, our development team focused on improving the user experience and reporting.

Please note that updating to version 3.0 requires appliance restart and may take up to one hour.

Contact your local GREYCORTEX partner to find out how you can put MENDEL v3.0 to work for you.


GREYCORTEX launched a new 2.3 version MENDEL Analyst. It added standardized support of NetFlow and IPFIX, new ways of data presentation and several performance improvements and more.
New features

  • New tool in GUI “Network Analysis” – user defined aggregated statistics for better analysis of network traffic and security incidents
  • Standardized NetFlow with IPFIX fully supported
  • New user account administration page
  • Changelog page with history and enhanced updating using RPM packaging system


  • Major performance improvements of signature-based detection engine
  • Improved DNS cache with TTL support for better hostname resolution
  • Improved algorithm for matching hosts with Active Directory users
  • Inserted GUI URLs kept after login
  • Improved export of charts
  • Enhanced system log management with filtering by time and a system component


GREYCORTEX is happy to announce the latest version of GREYCORTEX MENDEL; Version 2.9.0. This version includes several new important features: the first is the Flow Exporter, which gives you the possibility to export flows from MENDEL to your SIEM solution. The second important feature is the ability to execute script commands to other devices e.g. a firewall systems in order to block communications. SCADA network protocols Modbus and DNP3 L7 visibility have also been added, as has the ability to audit commands executed from ssh connections.
New Features

  • Added a Flow Export feature, which allows you to export flows from MENDEL to your favorite SIEM tool. This allows you to have the same data detail of a much more expensive SIEM-specific flow export tool, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Added ability to execute and send scripts, e.g. to a firewall – which means you can identify and stop incoming malware at the firewall, without ever leaving MENDEL.
  • Added integrated Modbus and DNP3 SCADA protocol visibility. Think of it as MENDEL for the industrial control systems. GREYCORTEX takes its next steps into protecting not just “traditional” networks, but also SCADA systems as well with these protocols.
  • Added SSH auditing (turn on the SSH audit signature in status monitor signatures)
  • Added possibility to filter by group of entities (subnet, host, mac, user) to extend filtering options using comma “,”, e.g. src:, & dst: which shows communication between source IPs or and destination IP In a nutshell: much more efficient filtering capabilities are now yours. Identify communication from not just one source and destination, but several hosts to a single destination, so complicated attacks are now clear.
  • MENDEL is powerful and detailed, but now it works just as well for the T1 Security Analyst. New installations and newly created users will see new default dashboards with Overview, Performance, and Security tabs included, for ease of use by everyone.

Several different features of MENDEL were improved. These included improvements to the installation and update process, optimization of flows, and detection features – including the ability to choose your favorite IDS ruleset, or better L7 application service recognition.
Bug Fixes
In general, our development team focused on repairing inconsistencies in user experience and connectivity.


We are happy to announce the latest version of GREYCORTEX MENDEL. Version 2.8 includes three new important features: the first is the Event Collector. Released as part of v2.7 (a limited release), the Event Collector offers the opportunity to centrally monitor events from several remote GREYCORTEX MENDEL collectors. The second major new feature is the Correlation Engine. This tool correlates individual, less-serious events – which together may be indicative of attacks within the network, to more effectively alert security analysts. Finally, MENDEL 2.8 includes proxy pairing functionality which identifies source or destination addresses hidden by proxy servers, which will allow security analysts to better identify potential issues on the network and provide even greater visibility.
New Features

  • Added a beta version of the Correlation Engine, including seven tuned rules which further increase security (The feature may be turned on by going to Settings->System Components)
  • Added a proxy pairing feature to display source or destination addresses hidden by a proxy server


  • Optimized the display of charts and tables in the Network module
  • Added information about the type of key exchange algorithms in HTTPS and TLS flows
  • Improved the calculation of flow metrics to show values valid for specific parts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with disabling deep packet inspection and enabling rules in IDS
  • Fixed an issue with updates to older installations
  • Fixed issues with MS-SQL protocol parsing at higher speeds
  • Fixed an issue with displaying current values on the Network Services tab
  • Fixed an issue with displaying multiple VLAN IDs in a single flow
  • Fixed issues with parsing SMB flows
  • Fixed issues with editing export definitions
  • Fixed an issue with pagination results in the Peers graph
  • Fixed issues with restarting services
  • Fixed an issue with filtering by protocol type
  • Fixed an issue with deleting user-defined filters
  • Fixed an issue with saving user-created or user-defined filters
  • Fixed an issue with displaying VLAN statistics in the Analysis module
  • Fixed an issue with exporting records in CEF and Syslog formats
  • Fixed an issue with long hostnames
  • Fixed issues with calculating the minimum and maximum duration of flows
  • Fixed link formatting in Exports
  • Fixed an issue with displaying ASN names in flows
  • Fixed an issue with displaying host information in the Analysis module
  • Fixed the calculation of RTT and ART metrics in long term flows with unfinished communication
  • Fixed an issue with the validation of row counts in Column Manager


In the newest version of GREYCORTEX MENDEL (2.6.1) we have implemented several new features to improve performance, including a new flow scheme. This new scheme will also store more flow data and metrics. Existing data will be automatically transferred into this new scheme to ensure its continued usability. This data transfer process will run in the background, allowing you to continue to work with new flow data. Depending on the amount of existing flow data, the transfer may take few days, but it will not affect system usability.
We have also added a new DHCP application parser. This means you can now use DHCP data to identify hosts by their hostnames, giving you better knowledge/information about hosts; for better and more effective action.
Additional Features

  • Added new aggregated flow structures and their visualizations to achieve better performance
  • Added an additional severity decision mechanism for outlier detection to better highlight larger anomalies
  • Added a new DHCP application parser
  • Added the capability to display unfinished flows
  • Added an additional metric:  UET – User Experience Time – to network flows


  • Improved database query performance
  • Improved the precision of the Round Trip Time and Server Application Response Time metrics computation
  • Optimized the performance of the Peers graph for faster loading
  • Upgraded the database to achieve greater performance
  • Set default log interval in log reporting to 7 days

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed SMB protocol identification
  • Fixed network services model calculation
  • Removed queries to root DNS servers
  • Fixed missing DNS server configurations, which occurred in rare cases
  • Fixed settings for RX queues in network drivers
  • Fixed timezone usage
  • Fixed filtering issues in Incident Management
  • Fixed data inconsistency between Peers and Hosts graphs
  • Fixed report generation where data fields did not display correctly
  • Fixed hyperscan support on non-Intel architectures
  • Fixed password escaping issue
  • Fixed custom server certificate handling
  • Fixed system monitoring data propagation
  • Fixed DNS server settings
  • Fixed ICMP event and flow pairing
  • Fixed MS-SQL protocol parser
  • Fixed time handling in False Positives for different time zones
  • Fixed color configuration for Port Sweep detection
  • Fixed flows search in Outlier events
  • Fixed issue with duplicate hostnames
  • Fixed flow search in limit events
  • Fixed network configuration calculation
  • Fixed Url Share functionality in the comments field in Incident Management
  • Fixed filtering issue in Incident Management
  • Fixed pagination in Incident Management
  • Fixed issue in Url Share
  • Fixed transfer data calculation in the Peers graph
  • Fixed firewall autoconfiguration when enabling Netflow source
  • Fixed events filtering by name
  • Fixed subnet traffic calculation
  • Fixed allow/deny configuration description
  • Fixed the “To Filter” button in Peers graph
  • Fixed port and service name filtering
  • Fixed other issues related to Incident Management
  • Fixed subnet icons in Events
  • Fixed vulnerability to CVE-2016-2183
  • Fixed empty service description editing
  • Fixed false positives value editing
  • Fixed ICMP flow filtering on services
  • Fixed the assignment of hosts into incorrect subnets
  • Fixed host information display in the Analysis module
  • Fixed invalid DHCP transaction IDs in individual flows
  • Fixed DHCP parsing issues on flows from the DHCP relay
  • Fixed the password warning message when the password is shown as invalid during installation
  • Fixed the event payload display in IDS events
  • Fixed issues with special characters during installation
  • Fixed an issue with filtering port number and service name together
  • Fixed an issue with flow duration calculation
  • Fixed cancel button functionality in Flows view
  • Fixed calculation of the number of subnets in Events
  • Fixed the use of an incorrect filter in subnet to filter function in the Events tab
  • Fixed the filling service in False Positive
  • Fixed traffic information in incident links


GREYCORTEX has just released MENDEL 2.5. In this most recent version, we have made several additions to further improve performance, including a new detection method for forbidden services, faster pattern processing for IDS rules (requires Intel architecture), and HTTPS traffic decryption capabilities (with imported private key). The full changelog for MENDEL 2.5 is provided below.
Additional Features

  • Added a new detection method for forbidden services
  • Added faster pattern processing for IDS rules (requires Intel architecture)
  • Added new traffic direction types for better filtering
  • Added system self-reporting for additional functionality support
  • Added HTTPS traffic decryption capabilities (with imported private key)


  • System components have been upgraded to their newest versions
  • VoIP protocol parsers have been included for better performance
  • Improved system hardening
  • Improved query performance in the Flows tab

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed IDS stability problems
  • Fixed IP address settings for new interfaces
  • Fixed disabling parsing IDS rules and DPI
  • Fixed issues with system log rotation, maintenance, and removal
  • Fixed truncated application requests within flow data
  • Fixed ICMP codes reporting in flow records
  • Fixed the reporting service type in outlier analysis methods
  • Fixed upgrade log downloading via the GUI
  • Fixed false positive matching for countries
  • Fixed issues in Incident Management
  • Fixed displaying colored, blacklisted IP addresses on the Peers tab
  • Fixed support for IPv6 filtering
  • Fixed computation functionality in the Peers graph
  • Fixed the computation of severity in the Toplists dashboard
  • Fixed invalid filter value handling
  • Fixed an issue with user rights in the reporting module
  • Fixed autocomplete in Host filtering
  • Fixed time limit for false positive application
  • Fixed status monitor event information
  • Fixed filtering by timestamp in event lightboxes
  • Fixed filtering false positives in “Table by Service or Port”

User Note
To further improve performance, it is strongly suggested that users turn off unused ports.


GREYCORTEX has launched version 2.4.1 of its MENDEL solution. This release adds a couple of new features and several bug fixes to help you better and more efficiently identify threats within your network.
The full list of additional features, improvements, and repairs is provided here:

  • New background report generation with historical download capability
  • Extended IDS signature information with integrated description

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed DNS cache parameters to improve hostname record display in network flows
  • Fixed system timeout issue during transmission of large reports via email
  • Fixed data update when downloading via proxy server
  • Fixed false positive detection for specific time periods
  • Fixed boundary display in network model
  • Fixed invalid time window in incident management link
  • Fixed data traffic display for selected hosts in graphs displayed on the Peers tab
  • Reduced system load following upgrade, including service restart
  • Fixed issue with IDS service restart after system reboot
  • Fixed database upgrade