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Simple setup for remote office

What is Safe-T Cloud Service?

Every day a large number of cyber-attacks occur in networks, organisations have to face evolving threats on their services. Enterprises of all sizes are challenged with various degrees of difficulties in terms of security, technology measures, and management levels. Safe-T Cloud service, saves you from worrying about the installation and setup of hardware and software, and eases you from complicated setting of access rules. With this cloud service, you can use Safe-T solutions instantly.

Safe-T is a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and SDP (Software Defined Perimeter) product which is useful to support nowadays remote working office, and the evolving pattern of corporate access scenarios such as Work From Home, BYOD, Access from various types of mobile devices and digital terminals, and also a mixture of Multi-Clouds and On-Prem environments. All these become the norm which VPN solutions cannot address adequately. The ZTNA and SDP are the answers, and these are areas which Safe-T addresses.

Enterprise Customers

1. Select number of employees
2. Establish data & applications permissions for each employee to access

Safe-T Cloud

3. Complete all backend settings
4. Provide each employee with a dedicated channel to connect remote offices and ensure safety

9 Advantages of Safe-T Zero Trust Network:

  • Client-less deployment which allows quick and easy setup
  • Allow granular administration on user access rights and policies
  • No ports needed to open on the firewall
  • No need to manage complicated firewall rules and end-user certificates
  • Handle also “virtual” corporate perimeters such as Cloud environments, remote offices and mobile devices user access
  • Authentication before granting access
  • Overcome the bandwidth bottleneck and connection speed downgrade commonly seen in VPN environments
  • Limit external access to the network by authorized users only, Internal users can be also authenticated
  • Additional access or behavioral logs for internal control and audit purposes are possible

Comparison before and after Safe-T deployment :


Employees or work partners only use VPN to access company data. Since their network is exposed to the outside world, they are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In addition, access control of VPN is based on IP and connection; it has no solution to manage access based on user identity, or to control the specific applications they are allowed to access. Cybercriminals exploit on VPN vulnerabilities to launch attacks. Especially in today’s increasing network threats, the inherent problems of VPNs are even more affected.


Now it is carried out by micro-segmentation, which the user logs into the authentication portal published by the authentication gateway in Safe-T (verifying that the user accessing the device is safe and reliable). User can then access according to different services, applications and data. Permissions are given to control the security policies used. Each user has different access permissions for different devices and even applications. Access can be granted only when all requirements are met.

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Fax:(65) 6296 4252 / (65) 6296 4269

(65) 6296 4268
   Fax:(65) 6296 4252 / (65) 6296 4269

(65) 6296 4268
Fax:(65) 6296 4252 / (65) 6296 4269