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Why adding “End of Life” to your cybersecurity vocabulary is a good idea

Life seems to be moving at a blazingly fast  pace. As so does technology. Maybe even more so. Meaning, it is no wonder we sometimes feel overwhelmed and questioning whether we can keep up. Yes, it is hard to keep up with new technological advances and the threats accompanying them. But the fact is that because technology is moving so fast, that is exactly the reason to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity knowledge and solutions.

The saying “New is always better” is clearly not always true, but when it comes to securing our devices, there is some truth to it. We trust what we know, and with technology changing rapidly, we may prefer to keep on using outdated, but trusted, products. But there are a few things to consider, especially in the field of digital security. There are malicious threats we need protection from that are testing and honing exploitation techniques against software product – especially older versions.
Upgrading to new software can be a difficult decision, especially when a business has invested heavily in a particular product or funds are scarce to ensure continuity after an upgrade. Some businesses may not want to update at all. Yet sometimes the manufacturer or software provider can press the issue by bringing products to their end of life. End of Life. Also known as a product sunset, this date is a communicated conclusion to the manufacturer’s support for a product (or service) and is generally preceded by a period of limited support. In basic terms, this means that change is afoot.

What is EOL?
End of Life is a policy change, applying to platforms or products, that has reached the end of its useful life. This decision is made by the manufacturer and typically occurs many years after the software’s or hardware’s production.

EOL policies evolve with the aim of reducing the number of older product versions that demand constant attention and maintenance. Why do providers do this? To focus time and resources on newer products so that they get the attention they need to protect our customers against new arising threats. Progress cannot be stopped, but attempts are constantly made via new threats to interrupt our journey forward. ESET is here to protect progress, so instead of resisting this momentum, we should ensure we not only appreciate the new technology but also the new threats. The newer the product, the better it is adapted to protect in the current threat environment. This will allow for better protection and make for a smoother experience for our business customers.

It is very important, and we strongly advise our users, to always run the latest version of ESET products. Users should also ensure that other critical software, especially your device’s Operating System (OS), is up to date and fully supported. The status of your OS is very important as it can have many implications to core functions and security too. For example, there have recently been changes to Window´s End of Life policy. To read more click on this link.

The upgrade to the latest ESET product versions has always been at “no cost,” and that is still the case to this day; the fact that access to new product versions is included in the price of your valid license remains unchanged. In this way, updates allow users to employ the most advanced security technologies that are high performing and easy to use, all of which help make our products more effective for you. To check ESET´s End of Life policy click this link.

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