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WHAT’S NEW Pandora FMS 758

What’s new in the latest Pandora FMS release, Pandora FMS 758

Let’s check out together the features and improvements related to the new Pandora FMS release: Pandora FMS 758. Remember this is an LTS version, we only have two of them a year, in April and November and they are stable.


Network Configuration Manager

We added for the first time in Pandora FMS a new network computer management system, which allows you to distribute configuration changes in a customized way to network computers, differentiating by model and provider. You may back up configurations and recover them or see the differences compared to the previous backup. In future versions you will be able to deploy mass changes to network computers, apply firmwares and more features.

Improvements in IPAM

Our improved IPAM includes network export/import, new options for working with subnets (sorting, adding networks to supernets from the first range available, etc.), as well as new tree views in supernet maps and network usage statistical graphs. New IPAM reports have also been added to see the list of used/unused IPs as well as those assigned to an agent.

Network usage statistical graphs

Supernet display in tree format

New service list widget

A new widget has been added, where you may choose to see the services view and choose what type of view you want to see.

New visual console element: Simple graphs

The visual console supports a new type of element that displays the graph in a simplified format, providing a label with the value of the last data collected in a very visual way, creating a new world of possibilities for creating dashboards.

New Alert server

The new Pandora FMS alert server allows parallelization of the alert execution load in another component, so that monitoring processing is not affected in alert storm situations. This new server is optional and it is not activated by default.

Open Source network maps

At the request of our user community, we opened the network map editor feature for the OpenSource version. It can now be used without limits in the community version.

IPv6 support for Satellite server

Since this version, both the Satellite server and the Enterprise Network Server support IPv6 in all its advanced features. High-performance code previously only supported on IPv4 now applies to IPv6 as well, enhancing existing polling capabilities.

New Enterprise plugin: Apache Spark

The Apache Spark plugin creates an agent for each app that has finished or is running on the server with the data of all its executors. More information in our library.

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About PandoraFMS
Pandora FMS is a flexible monitoring system, capable of monitoring devices, infrastructures, applications, services and business processes.
Of course, one of the things that Pandora FMS can control is the hard disks of your computers.