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Reimagining Learning through the power of hands-on STEAM

Skyrock is an experiential learning space that teaches STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) through practice, and stimulates genius and imagination through personal creation.

With the rapid digitalization of society as a whole, it has become increasingly important for students to be readily equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in this digitalized society.

Zack Hwang, a former power engineer and now one of the headteachers at Skyrock, was able to successfully incorporate IPEVO products into their curriculum, both online and in-person. The concept of online classes has existed for years but it wasn’t until recently did it really establish itself as a legitimate and effective form of education in the eyes of the general public. With IPEVO products, Zack was able to seamlessly replicate the fine and intricate details of his classes to students all across the country.

“The cameras were helpful in teaching live assembly classes where the teacher wants to switch from face to hands recordings.”

Before integrating IPEVO products, Skyrock was struggling to maintain consistent quality in their videos:

“We were trying to record multiple assembly videos by many teachers. Our challenge was trying to get them to be consistent in quality and framing. “

Previously, Skyrock was using smartphones situated on phone holders to record their videos:

“The most significant change we noticed after using the IPEVO cameras was that the footage doesn’t shake or jiggle as much compared to before”

After experiencing much success with IPEVO cameras in their STEAM classes, Zack shares his thoughts on the potential application of the IPEVO cameras in other fields:

“I believe they would be good for classes that do live lessons that require different angles and cameras. Like cooking classes, art, and crafts, etc.”

In their mission to promote STEAM education, Zack shared the idea behind how Skyrock came to be:

“We have seen how all of the textbooks and tests are killing the curiosity in our kids. It’s serious work without play, and hard work that isn’t fun. We believe that cultivating both technical and creative confidence in kids is the best thing we can do to make kids fall in love with learning again. And for this, we think that creative projects that engage kids in SERIOUS PLAY and HARD FUN is the perfect tool!”

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