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IPEVO Mirror-Cam! Free the Doc Cam In Your Laptop

Introducing the latest addition to IPEVO’s lineup — Mirror-Cam!

With Mirror-Cam, students are able to take the lead of their own learning. When attached, Mirror-Cam emulates a “document camera effect” by showcasing everything happening over your keyboard, enabling you to share any work remotely.

Mirror-Cam features a smart, foldable and compact design that makes it lightweight and extremely easy to use. Whether it be sharing documents in a conference or displaying materials during online classes, Mirror-Cam is the perfect tool for students as well as for people of any age. The flexible flaps on the Mirror-Cam enable it to fit a wide range of laptops and Chromebooks and can easily be folded flat to accompany you wherever you go.

You can further enhance your experiences by using Mirror-Cam with our Visualizer software. Everything from rotating and enlarging the image to taking videos and scanning documents can be done through the Visualizer, enabling optimal usage with the Mirror-Cam.

Mirror-Cam is now available in bundles of six units for just $39.99 USD. Enjoy the most creative and portable Document Camera experience at an impressive price now!

For a highlight of Mirror-Cam’s features, please check out the following video:

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