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An Elevated Experience With IPEVO Uplift – Multi-angle Arm for Smartphones

IPEVO has just released the IPEVO Uplift, a multi-angle arm for smartphones. Its sturdy build paired with flexibility makes it an ideal tool for everyday scenarios whether it teaching, video conferences or simply just watching videos.

The key leader in education technology, IPEVO, has just announced the newest addition to their creative solutions lineup, The IPEVO Uplift Multi-angle Arm for Smartphones.

With Uplift, you can hold up your phone, without literally holding up your phone. Whether you’re using your smartphone as a document camera or webcam, IPEVO Uplift is the perfect fit for the job. The simple yet sophisticated design of Uplift was built with one simple philosophy, quality.

Uplift’s rotating holder and multi-jointed arm allow the user to quickly adjust the orientation and angle of their phone with ease while its solid metal base ensures maximum stability, effectively eliminating image bobbling. The ability to seamlessly transition between showing your face and projecting documents make Uplift a great tool for both teaching and online conferences. Despite its sturdy and stable design, Uplift features a small footprint, opening up more space and possibilities beneath the phone’s camera lens.

Following a successful soft launch in selected locations, the IPEVO Uplift is now widely available for $59 and can be purchased through either IPEVO’s Online Store or Amazon.

All purchases of Uplift through the official IPEVO US Online Store come with 6 months of iDocCam for free! Pair Uplift together with the IPEVO iDocCam app to complete your visual communication experience. Transform your setup into a document camera by sharing your smartphone’s video feed onto a big screen, showcasing everything underneath the lens to your audience.

Furthermore, The IPEVO US Amazon store is conveniently offering the IPEVO Uplift as a stand-alone purchase or in a bundle with other great IPEVO tools, like the IPEVO SuperCharger, to complete your desired work setup.

For more information about the IPEVO Uplift Multi-angle Arm for Smartphones, visit:

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, IPEVO is an EdTech company that makes and sells versatile visual communication tools. Designed with users in mind, IPEVO offers simple, affordable software, document cameras, and communication tools to help people create, teach, learn, inspire, and collaborate effortlessly and efficiently in an interconnected world.

With Uplift, you can hold up your phone, without literally holding up your phone. Whether you’re using your smartphone as a document camera or webcam, IPEVO Uplift is the perfect fit for the job.
IPEVO Uplift

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