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SafeDNS Extends Its Friendly Wi-Fi Partnership

We are happy to tell you the SafeDNS partnership with Friendly Wi-Fi, which is a UK government-initiated safety certification for public wireless networks, has now been extended for another year. 

Public Wi-Fi owners apply for this certification to be able to display a Friendly Wi-Fi symbol at their venues, use the electronic sign on their Wi-Fi landing pages, sites, and marketing materials. This symbol means that a public wireless network is safe for families with kids as it meets the necessary web filtering standards.

The Friendly Wi-Fi symbol is available to any venues or locations worldwide, providing a public or guest Wi-Fi service who are committed to supporting the need for safeguarding online content. Globally, over 5.000 venues have already got a Friendly Wi-Fi certification.

Why we’ve extended this partnership

The SafeDNS entire work is devoted to safeguarding young and adult web surfers from heinous, explicit, harmful content and web-borne threats. We’d love to share our expertise and high-quality web filtering solutions with partners and clients all over the world, and this partnership is a great way to do it.

To SafeDNS corporate and home users in the UK and beyond, this partnership with Friendly Wi-Fi confirms that families and businesses that have deployed our filtering service deliver their network users top-notch protection against malicious, phishing, inappropriate sites. The tried and tested SafeDNS technology, powered by AI and machine learning, has proved its efficiency multiple times in tests and reviews by 3rd-party testers.

Friendly Wi-Fi has awarded SafeDNS filtering its Approved Product badge, which means SafeDNS web filtering and cybersecurity solutions meet the standards required to make the internet cleaner and safer.

Certify your Wi-Fi with a discount

We want to remind Wi-Fi providers and public/guest Wi-Fi owners that if you use a SafeDNS web filtering solution to secure your networks from cyber threats and unwanted content, you have an opportunity to get the Friendly Wi-Fi certification with a 10% discount. Grab your chance to let your patrons, customers, and staff know you take their online safety seriously and take steps to make their online experience more comfortable. The Friendly Wi-Fi symbol will prove that your public Wi-Fi networks are free from adult and child sexual abuse images and videos, porn, and other gross content.

The SafeDNS solutions fully meet the Friendly Wi-Fi requirements and keep your network users safe online. Use the opportunity SafeDNS provides public Wi-Fi owners to certify their networks with a nice discount. Once you receive the certification, you will be able to display the Friendly Wi-Fi symbol in your venue, confirming a safer internet is available to staff members and guests at this Wi-Fi hotspot. Visit the dedicated site page and fill in an online form to apply for the Wi-Fi certification.

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