Kingdom Housing Association Uses Awingu To Complete Migration Into Google

Kingdom Housing Association provides affordable housing services in East Central Scotland and employs roughly 400 in staff. It started a digital transformation journey from an on prem based setup built on Citrix, Microsoft Office and Exchange to a “Cloud First and Mobile First” platform.

The platforms of choice became Google GSuite, Google Compute Platform and Google Chromebooks. Awingu provided the last piece of the puzzle: securely giving (remote) access to legacy software such as “Orchard’s Housing Management” and “financial forecasting Brixx”. In their journey, Awingu fully replaced Citrix and helps taking the next step in the KHA’s digital transformation.


  • Simplification: with the move from Citrix to Awingu, KHA could drastically simplify it’s operations. The number of components to manage was reduced, and there were no agents to be installed and maintained on the end-user devices.
  • Cost reduction: KHA was able to downsize the required infrastructure from 18 Citrix virtual machines to just 5 with Awingu. Furthermore, Awingu requires less engineering and support effort to roll-out. Finally, Awingu came with a significant license cost benefit compared to Citrix.
  • Google Identity: KHA decided to adopt Google Identity as secure authentication mechanism. Awingu can leverage Google Identity as external IdP (Identity Provider) and as such enable a ‘Single Sign-On’ experience. End-users just have one single set of credentials to authenticate.
  • Chromebook compatible: Awingu runs KHA’s legacy systems in HTML5 in a browser. That makes working on Chromebooks smooth and hassle-free.
  • Performance increase: with the migration from an on-prem installation with Citrix to Google Compute Platform and Awingu, KHA increase the performance of its systems. Login procedures have drastically been shortened, as such increasing productivity and reducing frustration.

“Awingu allows us to simplify things greatly. We have a small Digital team, with less components to manage, we can concentrate on adding value in other core business areas. With local agents and many elements in the back-end, Citrix added too much complexity.”
Gary Haldane
Head of Digital, Kingdom Housing Association
"The performance of this combination is outstanding, and, our employees couldn’t believe the speed and responsiveness. Employees can use the Google Identity credentials to access their G-Suite as well as Awingu in a secure way. Both in the office and remotely. It’s just very straightforward.”
Gary Haldane
Head of Digital, Kingdom Housing Association