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SCADAfence Governance – Now Open To Any Third-Party Application & Free Onboarding Until 2021!

It’s true, the SCADAfence Governance Portal can now connect to any third-party application through Syslog or rest-API and we’re providing the entire on-boarding for free until the end of this year. (Details at the end of this blog post).

How You Can Use The Governance Portal

The SCADAfence Governance Portal, first introduced in 2019, has been developed for IT & OT users to enable real-time compliance monitoring across the entire organization and remote site, and to assure compliance with regulations and standards such as NERC-CIPIEC-62443NISTISO-27001, NIS NCSC, NIST CSF, and others.

Earlier this year, the SCADAfence Governance Portal was enhanced to allow you to extend your compliance automatic coverage by receiving inputs from external tools directly to the Governance Portal.

The SCADAfence Governance Portal had just become your very own full organizational OT/IT Governance & Compliance management system. You can now manage all inputs from your entire security, management and orchestration tools in a central location and get real time compliance status for all of your sites.

How You Can Connect The Governance Portal To Third-Party Applications

It’s easier than you think. 

You configure your external tool to send out the relevant information to the SCADAfence Governance Portal, and it will automatically add this new information to the process of compliance calculation. 

That’s it. 

You immediately enjoy extended coverage in areas that cannot be measured based on network traffic data. For instance, you can easily set up your Endpoint definitions to send alerts when outdated virus definitions are detected or receive inputs from your firewall on blocked traffic.

The Main Benefits Of Using The SCADAfence Governance Portal:

  • It’s a multi-site regulatory and policy compliance framework for your organization.
  • It’s a compliance policy manager – you can define your own policy and measure your organization based on it.
  • You get real-time compliance dashboards – these are automatically created and available at all times for immediate compliance visibility.
  • You have detailed reports – you can even drill down into each site and into each improvement opportunity.

The Look & Feel Of The Compliance Score Dashboards

Ultimately, the SCADAfence Governance Portal offers a one-of-a-kind solution which can help you to increase your readiness and compliance for organizational policies and regulatory compliance by performing automatic regulatory assessments based on real network traffic data.

The automatic compliance score calculation provides ready-to-use compliance dashboards and reports which enables end-to-end management of the compliance process as well as gradual enforcement process with flexible policy options.


How To Get The SCADAfence Governance Portal For Free Until 2021

Want to get it for your organization risk-free? Just click this link and fill in your details:

We will then provide you with full on-boarding for the Governance Portal for free, from October 1st until December 31st 2020.

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