Following its inclusion in the Berlin-based global release of Konica Minolta’s new Workplace Hub, GREYCORTEX is looking forward to working with Konica Minolta, in the future, to provide its performance monitoring and advanced network traffic analysis, solutions as an extension of the Konica Minolta Workplace Hub.

Konica Minolta’s newest offering – Workplace Hub – is an innovative new enterprise IT solution, which unifies an organization’s technology into single centralized platform. Designed to future-proof workplaces of every size as they work towards digital transformation, Workplace Hub directly addresses growing IT complexity by providing more efficient and effective management of the disparate array of tools, services, and devices used by modern organizations.

Konica Minolta is one of the leading innovators in the technology sector. We are looking forward to working with them in the future, to offer network performance monitoring and advanced traffic analysis solutions as an additional extension of Workplace Hub. We believe the partnership will be a good fit because of our advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining functionality which will help users identify threats to their emerging businesses.” Petr Chaloupka, CEO of GREYCORTEX.

GREYCORTEX uses advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining methods to help organizations make their IT operations secure and reliable.

MENDEL, GREYCORTEX’s network traffic analysis solution, helps corporations, governments, and the critical infrastructure sector protect their futures by detecting cyber threats to sensitive data, networks, trade secrets, and reputations, which other network security products miss.

MENDEL is based on 10 years of extensive academic research and is designed using the same technology which was successful in four US-based NIST Challenges.

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