Airline leaked 9.4 million customers personal privacy,could face huge fines of $4 billion.

Recently, an airline issued an announcement on its website. It revealed that the personal data of about 9.4 million passengers were stolen. The incident began in March, confirmed in May, and announced in October. Personal information includes passenger name, nationality, telephone number, passport number, etc. In this incident,business not only faces with the crisis of brand image and customer confidence,it may face a huge fine of nearly $4 billion due to its failure to notify the incident in time under the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
Let the business grow in the long term | Start with protecting assets
At the network security level, the most common challenges for businesses are prevention, detection, and response to protect business endpoints, servers, networks, and sensitive data. Installing anti-virus software is the first step. However, in the face of today's endless network attacks, this step is relatively passive. The airline incident started with a system anomaly in March and confirmed the leakage of data in May. It was announced in October and the whole process lasted for more than six months. A company spokesperson said that it took so long to find out exactly what happened.
The environment faced by businesses is complex and severe. Especially for airlines with
large-scale business, many employees, and extremely valuable customer information stored, they will naturally become the target of hackers.
Today, companies should use the widest range of potential sources to obtain anti-virus
information in order to make predictive adjustments and adapt to an evolving security
environment. Targeted attacks, advanced stubborn threats (APT), zero-day viruses, and
botnet activity are hard to find for security engineers who only get relevant information from the company's internal network environment.
On the contrary; using artificial intelligence and machine learning, early warning, and
monitoring various threats from inside and outside of company, businesses can then respond in a timely manner and reduce losses.
Preventing data leakage depends on professional software assistance
X-FORT electronic data control system, integrated protection, without loopholes
In planning control, many system authorisations of MIS and senior executives and
managerswith the most information but not under supervision will be ignored. The
employers’mindset is always different from that of the employees. The managers want
convenience. Employees want to work smoothly.In order not to cause inconvenience to
employees’ work, but also make the employers feel at ease,internal security control is
indispensable. X-FORT allows MIS system setting, managers to check the information,senior executives to easily master reports and easily manage internal security.
Main functions
· Integrate AD to provide remote deployment
·Protection features include any channels that may write data
· Does not change the user's operating experience, does not affect the user's computer
·Humanistic and intuitive UI management interface, zero learning costfor managers
· Instant warning, regular delivery of operation reports, mastering the usage condition of
employees' computers
· Select functions according to the requirements of business security, and provide flexible
space for future expansion