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Access and remotely control desktops and servers or launch a meeting in just a few seconds.

SupRemo Remote Desktop Software

Lightweight software for remote desktop control with all the features you need to connect to computers and servers. A single file that doesn't require installation and that allows you to offer and receive seamless assistance.

SupRemo guarantees secure encrypted connections and generates random passwords at every boot. You can start and receive connections to and from Windows, macOS, Linux, for Android and iOS.

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How SupRemo Enhances Your IT Efficiency

How supremo enhances your it efficiency


Its intuitive interface is easy to use. Supremo is constituted by a small executable file that does not require the installation and configuration of routers or firewalls.


Connect to a remote device and transfer your files in total security thanks to the AES 256-bit algorithm and to UAC compatibility. The access to client requires ID and a dynamic password.


You can automatically activate SupRemo at the Windows startup of the remote PC. All subscribers of a plan can also customize the software interface with their own brand or logo.


Our subscription plan is one of the most affordable in the market. For non-professional and/or non-continuous use, you can use it and update it to new versions for free.

Why SupRemo is Better than Competitors

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Subscribe to the best pricing remote desktop control software in the market. You are saving up to 90% when you switch to SupRemo.


1 Year, 1 Users
SGD $147


1 Year, 3 Users
SGD $265


1 Year, 3 Users
SGD $564

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Supremo’s plans work?

Supremo plan is required for professional purposes. There are three plans – Solo, Business and Professional – which differ in the number of remote control sessions that can run at the same time and in some advanced features.

Can I install SupRemo via mass deployment?

Yes, thanks to the Automatic Installation feature available with SupRemo Professional, it is possible to install SupRemo massively via command line and/or .mst file generation.

How many licences should I purchase if I have multiple PCs/mobile devices to start connections from?

You can activate an infinite number of fixed and mobile devices with a single licence by entering the activation code on as many SupRemo installations as you wish.

Can I customize SupRemo with the brand or logo of my firm or company?

Yes. The function is free of charge for all SupRemo subscribers. This page thoroughly and clearly illustrates the procedure. It is necessary to have at least one active SupRemo plan in order to use the function.

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