Finalize your product as desired by your clients. A transparent signal flow from flexible import into powerful processing back to flawless export is crucial. Relying on accurate playback and visual control you know what to expect: A perfect sounding master.


Solution Code: OTOT/VG-00-05189-S21SL


Object-based editing

Metering and matching standards

Sharing projects and multi-format files

Authoring and exporting


Speed up your workflow around large projects containing many different clips resulting in a reduced track count and improved performance using the dedicated object buffer.

Object-based editing in action

Apply processing independently to each object and in real time with the dedicated buffer: plug-in chains, AUX sends, pitch shifting and time stretching, EQ and automation. Seamlessly work with assets of any format without any conversion required.


Ensure quality by staying in control of your signal path. Check frequency curves, phase correlations and loudness progressions every step of the way.

Metering and matching standards

Attach visualizations and metering to different inputs, outputs and submixes. Including a wide range of peak, loudness and correlation metering types as well as spectroscope, spectrogram and oscilloscope. Batch process multiple files based on individual loudness parameters. Benefit from integrated international loudness standards such as EBU R128 and ITU-R BS.1771.


Get the final master ready for replication according to Red Book standard. Sequoia supports professional file exchange between mastering studios and pressing plants with DDP import and export.

Authoring and exporting

Use the encoder preview plug-in to ensure the best sound for export formats such as AAC or MP3. Insert track markers, codes and meta data before burning to CD. Save time by monitoring and exporting DDP masters.

Sharing projects and multi-format files

Share projects among different workstations, platforms and applications directly using exchange formats such as AAF/OMF. Keep project files updated and meta-tagged with databases and automation systems. Batch export multiple files and use watch folder to perform background conversions.

Resampling and dithering

Get the best-sounding algorithm for your resampling and dithering tasks. Sequoia embeds sophisticated resample algorithms and state of the art dithering options.

3D panning and 3D Reverb

To get the most out of surround sound, Sequoia supports unlimited Surround masters in a single project, and up to 32 channels per track. The Vector Base Amplitude Panning (VBAP) positioning mode enables users to create phantom surround sources with the highest sound localization acuity in either 2D or 3D. Experience realistic space in 3D Audio using the innovative 3D Reverb plug-in, new to Sequoia.

Mastering effects

All your needs covered: Sequoia already includes competitive plug-ins for dynamic and spatial control, equalizing and modulation. Highly advanced digital algorithms and continuous use of floating point calculations ensure that the sound retains its nuances, even following extensive digital processing and accumulation of individual signals.

Cleaning and restoration

Keep it clean. Apply spectral view on audio material to identify unwanted artefacts. From clicks to noises – Sequoia is prepared for all cleaning and restoration tasks with the included tools and bundled software.