Bridging the Gap Between IT and OT

When IT professionals and security admins look at their organization’s OT network, too often they see nothing but a black hole. This is due to two reasons, the first, the standard security controls applicable to IT are not valid in OT environments and secondly, security is usually not a top concern for OT teams. Additionally, in most cases, when IT teams are faced with OT-based incidents, these look like a collection of words with no real meaning, not to mention standardized response playbooks that fit into their current SecOPS procedures.


Solution Code: ISOT/SD-00-730015-S21SL

Digitalized Visibility

Gain visibility into your entire OT estate, within minutes and with granular details of your network’s activities and inherent security issues within your network. Monitor the OT network in the way you’re used to, with continuously updates network map, communications patterns, traffic analysis, CVE list and forensic data for incident response.

Speak the OT Language

Information such as industrial commands and other PLC activities don’t mean much to IT, no matter how much experience they might have in security. The regular playbooks and incident response procedures are not suitable in OT (in most cases). Our platform comes built in with the data and content that you need to be able to act upon security incidents within the OT network.

Seamless Integration

The best part about SCADAfence Platform is it fits right into your existing security controls and mode of operation. With out of the box integrations to all of the leading firewall and SIEM vendors, you can automatically respond to security incidents and run forensics from day one.

Actionable Insights

Forget about alert fatigue and endless emails in your inbox, with our technology, issues detected on the network are correlated, grouped and are made actionable before they reach the user. Along with our built-in knowledge base of mitigation steps, you will be ready to detect and respond to security incidents from the get-go.