Behavior analysis

Discover how your employees work, print and use expensive software


Solution Code: BCOT/SF-00-290036-S21SL

Does the activity of your users threaten your business environment? What percentage of your IT and HR costs are spent effectively? How much time do your employees waste when they should be working?

Evaluate and minimize risky actions

See what your employees are actually doing while they are at work.

Safetica gives you a comprehensive overview of how work time is being spent. You can see if your employees are using their assigned office programs or if they are surfing the web and hanging out on social networks. Safetica provides you with accurate statistics about both individuals and departments, and if something suspicious is going on, you are notified immediately. So you can nip inefficiency in the bud.

Spend your IT budget wisely

Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary printing and unused software licenses.

Reduce waste and save on operating costs. Safetica gives you the information you need so that you can ensure that your expensive licenses and internet network are being used efficiently.