Identity-Based Zero Trust for All Company Assets

Protect your sensitive assets from identity-based attacks

Implement an SDP /

Enhance Your VPN to ZTNA /

Add MFA to any Access Flow

Safe-T’s ZoneZero is an industry-first perimeter access orchestration platform that allows you to easily manage the entire access scheme in one platform. Use ZoneZero to implement a new SDP solution, enhance your existing VPN infrastructure to ZTNA, or add MFA to any VPN, service, and application.

Safe-T is the #1 Choice for Organizations Worldwide

At Safe-T, we understand the challenges organizations face on the way to zero trust. ZoneZero’s flexibility and scalability simplifies the journey to ZTNA, while reducing operational complexity and optimizing deployment costs.

Safe-T’s unique access solutions enable you to:

Achieve Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Improved user authentication and separation of the data and control planes

Seamless Integration – Rapid Deployment

Central clientless deployment on existing technologies with a transparent UX

Optimized Deployment & Ownership Costs

Optimized usage and reduced costs for integration and maintenance


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