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Next-Generation File Security on the Web

Encrypt personal and business data with NordLocker

NordLocker is an encrypted cloud to sync, back up, share and work securely. State-of-the-art cryptography provides security, while outstanding usability ensures that anyone can enjoy the benefits of privacy. As data leaks and ransomware threaten everyone, we challenge ourselves to provide leading data security tools for business and individuals.

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    NordLocker your private file vault

    End-to-end encrypted at all times

    Enjoy ultimate privacy. NordLocker is built on zero-knowledge architecture, meaning that we know nothing about what you store in your vault. Not only is this more secure, but it also gives you complete access control.

    Access data securely wherever you are

    Store files securely on your device, upload it to the cloud storage, or sync it across your devices and platforms. And even when it’s synced to a shared device, your data stays private. Because no one can see or access your data without your permission.

    No leaks or stolen files

    In the increasingly more dangerous world, you can easily protect your digital possessions. With NordLocker, your data is backed up and protected from unauthorized access, malware, or lost devices.

    Secure your business data with NordLocker

    Data security that’s always with you

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    Privacy with drag and drop

    Security can’t be easier. Drag your files into NordLocker, and they’re encrypted instantly. When you browse photos or open files directly in the app, your files remain private to anyone on that device.

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    Secure sharing

    Share a copy of your encrypted file via a link with anyone. A unique code adds an extra layer of security, granting secure file sharing in a few clicks. You can also share a locker via email with other NordLocker users.

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    Local and cloud lockers

    File security shouldn’t have limits. Create local lockers (encrypted folders) and secure as much data on your computer as you need. Or create cloud lockers and sync your data to other devices.

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    Automatic backup

    Your cloud lockers are backed up in a secure vault automatically. If your device is damaged, lost, or even encrypted with ransomware, log in to your account from another computer and get your files back.

    Here’s why people choose NordLocker

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    NordLocker strikes a great balance between simplicity and breadth of features. The platform is straightforward and easy to use, and it isn’t overwhelmed by features you’ll never use.

    Mike Williams,
    Lead security reviewer, Techradar


    NordLocker offers a simple way to protect your most sensitive files using encryption, yet easily share them when necessary.

    Neil J. Rubenking,
    Lead Analyst for Security, PCMag

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    NordLocker provides a simple user experience for a complex process, which is exactly what you want from software. Users can easily encrypt computer files, back them up to the cloud, and share them with others. There’s zero fear of a data breach or hacking.

    Keelan Balderson,
    Journalist and Content Creator, Techjury

    Highest cybersecurity standards

    10 Years in Cybersecurity

    NordLocker was built by the team behind NordVPN, the world’s most popular VPN. As a company, we strive to build the best cybersecurity tools anyone could use.

    Zero-Knowledge Architecture

    Zero-knowledge architecture simply means that the app uses client-side encryption. Even though we sync and back up your data, we can never see your encryption keys or know what you store on your cloud.

    Multi-Factor Authentication

    Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account. Choose from several authentication methods, including single-use backup codes, authenticator apps, and third-party security keys.

    Ready to encrypt your important data?

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