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Maximizing Your IT Monitoring with
Pandora FMS


In this webinar, Kenneth Lo – Senior Product Manager at Version 2 – will share on maximizing your IT monitoring with Pandora FMS.

Watch this webinar to learn:

How Pandora FMS monitoring tool can benefit your IT infrastructure
In-depth overview of its key features and real world use cases
Demonstration on how to configure monitoring in Pandora FMS
Discussion of real world use cases for Pandora FMS

Duration: 46mins

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Featured Presenter

Kenneth Lo

Senior Product Manager

Kenneth has more than 10 years of experience in the IT security industry, with rich knowledge in information security and technology. He provides comprehensive security solutions across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries. He has assisted many government agencies, listed companies and other enterprise customers to solve information security related problems.

One tool to rule them all

The total monitoring solution for full observability

Pandora FMS shows in real time what happens with your organization’s technology. Generate alerts, analyze trends of years and share that information with customers or suppliers. Our clients use this information to save money, time and above everything else help their IT teams optimize their work.

Networking and communications

Discover all your network equipment and represent its topology through maps that connect interfaces and show your network’s structure in detail.


Our library offers customizable solutions for virtually any case and data source. Help your IT operations teams solve application performance issues before they affect your users.

User Experience

Detect failures before your customers do. Check whether the app works as expected. Monitor overall performance and each of the steps separately.

Log Management

Collect and store all types of logs (including Windows events) to be able to search and set alerts.

Comprehensive IT Infrastructure

Mainframe, IBM-i, Unix, Windows, Android and Linux.

Cloud and Virtualization

Unify your applications’ monitoring regardless of their operating model, in physical infrastructures, SaaS, PaaS or IaaS (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud…)

Trusted by our customers

Industry experts and users recognize us year after year

Pandora FMS monitoring platform built to be flexible
and adaptable to any type of organization

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