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Introducing Ransomware
Containment Pandora
A Better Way To Stop Ransomware


Even with the most robust security solutions, ransomware is still a global threat to every organization as cybercriminals are successfully outsmarting prevention-based security tools.

During this webinar, BullWall cybersecurity experts Morten Gammelgard, EVP, and Andy Walsh, Director of Engineering, will explore the following:

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How EDRs and other preventive measures are not designed to stop ransomware.
How organizations can adopt a multi-layered approach that includes detection, prevention, response, and recovery.
How a ransomware containment tool responds to 3 live ransomware attacks.

Duration: 44mins

Featured Presenter


Morten Gammelgard has over 20 years ofexperience in the software and hardware industries. He currently serves as Global EVP, Sales and Operations at BullWall and has guided the company to four consecutive years of doubling revenue growth and profitability. He has worked with customers across all verticals, from niche to top 500 companies, including Verizon, Sun Life, IBM, VMware, Dell, and Shell. Morten is a co-founder at BullWall, a company laser-focused on providing companies with a reliable and innovative solution to contain ransomware outbreaks the moment illegitimate encryptions start to corrupt the data – hence mitigating the disruption, damage, and high costs usually associated with falling victim to ransomware when all other defenses has failed.


Andy Walsh, the Director of Sales Engineering for BullWall, lives in the United Kingdom and has 25+ years of experience as an Information Technology Professional. He previously worked as a Technical Manager at DETECTsystems and Sony, among other technology companies, Ultima Business Solutions and Centerprise International. As an accomplished technical expert with experience developing multi-layer security infrastructures, he manages and leads the EMEA technical team as BullWall is experiencing rapid global growth.

Global Leader in Ransomware Containment & Protection For Critical Infrastructure

Even the well-protected organizations fall victim to ransomware. You need a ransomware containment solution. When a ransomware attack strikes, RansomCare will...


Monitor data activity in real time on SAN/NAS file shares, VMs, domain controllers, database servers and application servers, on-prem and in the cloud. Leverage 28 detection sensors and machine-learning capabilities, instantly detect illegitimate encryption and exfiltration.


Immediately and automatically activate an isolation and containment protocol for compromised users and devices initiating abnormal encryption. Deploy built-in scripts to stop file encryption and data exfiltration in seconds. Alert IT through built-in dashboard, email, SMS, app, or integration with SIEM, NAC, EDR and other security solutions via RESTful API.


Quickly identify any encrypted files that can be restored from backup. Fully automate compliance incident reporting with an advanced history log that captures all attack details, suitable for internal leadership and external government agencies.

Why Bullwall


24x7 Agentless Containment

Including Zero-Day Exploits, for Data On-Prem and In-Cloud



Server MFA Without Requiring a Second Device



Meets Criteria for Discounts or Approval for Most Insurance

How Does Ransomware Work?


Entry Points

Email Phishing RDP Session Hijacking Compromised Websites Removable Media & Cables Drive By Downloads


Perimeter Line of Defense

Email Gateway Web Gateway Corporate Firewall


First Line of Defense

EDR Next Gen Anti-Virus Email Security Gateways Multi-Factor Authentication



A Better Way to Stop Ransomware


Prevents Encryption


Prevents Exfiltration


Ensures Business Continuity

Trusted by our customers

Ransomware prevention strategies will never
be 100% effective 100% of the time

You need a ransomware containment layer that stops an active attack

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