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How to Move to Microsoft Cloud Quickly and Securely


In this webinar, Kenneth Lo – Senior Product Manager at Version 2 – will share on how to migrate your digital workspace to Microsoft 365.

Watch this webinar to learn:

Moving data to the cloud securely
How to make your migration seamless
Why some of the world's biggest brands use CloudM

Duration: 49mins

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Featured Presenter

Kenneth Lo

Senior Product Manager

Kenneth has more than 10 years of experience in the IT security industry, with rich knowledge in information security and technology. He provides comprehensive security solutions across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries. He has assisted many government agencies, listed companies and other enterprise customers to solve information security related problems.

What data you can migrate with CloudM​

CloudM is more than just migrations


Straightforward and user-friendly, with a choice of deployment options.


Speed at scale, with a multi-threaded architecture and a host of useful features.


Guaranteed data integrity with end to end encryption and zero downtime for users.

What data you can migrate with CloudM

Archive Migration

Mail Migration

File Migration


  • Owners
  • Members
  • Mail, Calendar & Files
  • Settings
  • Channels & Channel Tabs
  • Conversations & Private Chat
  • NoteBook
  • Planner

You're in good company

CloudM has over 400 platform customers across the globe including the likes of
Spotify, Netflix and Uber. This is added to over 40,000 migration
customers spanning over 75 million migrations.

Migrate your digital workplace with CloudM

Get the most out of the cloud with the world's leading cloud migration tool for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

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