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The best way to protect and recover your cloud data across your SaaS services

Keepit Cloud Backup & Recovery Solution

Many people still assume SaaS vendors backup their cloud data. But they don’t. That’s why companies turn to Keepit — the world’s only independent backup and recovery cloud — to protect their data against data loss and ransomware.

Keepit cloud backup gives you the best SaaS cloud backup solution in the market. Fully automated data protection of core SaaS applications Microsoft 365, Azure Active Directory, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Google Workspace and Zendesk. On top, Keepit’s universal restore view gives you the control back with multiple restore options on demand across snapshots.



Deploy in minutes. No credit card. No commitment.

    The Simplest Way to Secure Your SaaS Data

    Data Availability 24/7

    Never lose access to your data. With Keepit, data is stored in our vendor-neutral cloud instead of public platforms like AWS, making Keepit a true third-party backup.

    Always Secure Know your data is safe

    Our blockchain-based storage and file system ensure unparalleled security and ransomware protection – data is immutable and undeletable.

    Data Compliance

    Stay compliant with regulatory demands. Minimize risk with fast information discovery, GDPR requirements, and easy retention policy management.

    Instant Search and Recovery

    Get data back in seconds. Locate, preview, and restore with fast and granular search and restore features. Recovery doesn’t get simpler.

    The Complex, Made Simple

    Get up and running in minutes. Our simple interface requires no training, and you can integrate your systems with our API-First architecture.

    Cost Effective &

    Stay in control with enterprise scalability. Flat fee per user including unlimited data storage & retention. No hidden costs.

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    Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365


    icon saxo

    Saxo Bank

    We considered Microsoft’s backup and archiving capabilities to be insucient for our purposes and were impressed by the scope of Keepit’s backup and archiving capabilities, as well as the granularity of their restore function.

    Thomas Ulrich
    Head of Digital Workplace & Support Services Saxo Bank

    icon inn

    Oxford University Innovation

    We searched the market extensively for backup and restore products ahead of choosing Keepit as the right solution for the University’s needs for long-term data retention.

    Lasse Thomsen
    Information Systems Manager Oxford University Innovation Ltd.


    Porsche Holding Salzburg

    More companies are affected by ransomware globally. By working with Keepit, we now have a solution if an event like this ever arose.

    Andreas Fackler
    System Engineer Porsche Informatik

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