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Network Traffic Analysis Security for Professionals

MENDEL integrates advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis to find threats, identify vulnerabilities, and give your IT team full network visibility, all while saving time.

Current network security tools leave networks vulnerable because of a lack of detection for advanced threats, lack of visibility, and a lack of integration. This means threats hide in the network, infected devices and misconfigurations go unnoticed, and analysts must switch between different platforms to stop attacks when they are finally detected.

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GREYCORTEX設計出MENDEL網路數據流量分析方案,為專業人士提供了安全保障.MENDEL將先進的檢測技術與全網監測功能相整合,更集成了基礎設施安全工具,能夠檢測各類威脅,實現數據流圖形 化監測,並迅速有效做出回應。檢測範圍包括能夠繞過現有安全工具的高級和未知威脅.MENDEL有助於保護您的網路,保護數據,降低風險並維護數據安全。


Company Profile

GREYCORTEX Makes the World a Safer Place

We believe that network solutions should be designed for the people who use them. Rather than providing features or layouts that look nice but are useless in reality, we offer features, design, and functionalities to benefit those “in the trenches” – doing the work of security and safety on a daily basis. Our development team is backed by over 10 years of research in machine learning and data analysis.

We help companies worldwide make their networks more secure and reliable, including national and local governments, financial institutions, research facilites, and enterprises of all sizes.

(65) 6296 4268
Fax:(65) 6296 4252 / (65) 6296 4269

(65) 6296 4268
Fax:(65) 6296 4252 / (65) 6296 4269

(65) 6296 4268
Fax:(65) 6296 4252 / (65) 6296 4269