Xtechs.Support provides customers easy & secure remote access via awingu-as-a-service offering

XTECHS is a 5 FTE Managed Service Provider based in Roseville, California (USA). They provide End-to-End services to small and mid-sized businesses across the state. XTECHS was founded in 2000 as a PC shop under the name ‘XTECHS Computer Repair’ In 2014 they decided to extend the business into managed services for SMBs. Today, Managed Services for SMBs constitute the bulk of the business.

“We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our customers get a very tailored solution and approach that suits their specific needs and budget,” says Nik Margulski (Systems Engineer at In fact, XTECHS delivers a wide set of managed services and solutions to its customers ranging from backup to device management to managed hosting. The majority of customers are hosted in XTECHS’ datacenter (colocation-based), and when applicable and the business case makes sense, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure are also used. “That said, a lot of our customers also have on-prem infrastructure running” adds Nik.

Even with a small team, manages to support a large and growing number of businesses and end-users. Making strong and differentiating technology choices are key to success: a simple solution to setup and manage, as well as great performance, optimal security & SMB-level pricing are key drivers.

In his search for “remote working” solutions, Nik found Awingu. He was looking for a simple solution that they could manage and operate, that would be simple to use for his end-users, and, didn’t have a ‘lock-in’ for certain device and OS platforms.

"Awingu is a great solution, it just works."
Nik Margulski
System Engineer, XTECHS.Support

XTECHS markets their Awingu platform under the name ‘Remote Workspace’. They started by deploying a multi-tenant Awingu platform in their colocation datacenter. It’s provided “as-a-Service” to customers in a hybrid mode. Today, customers connect their file and app servers running in their own infrastructure with XTECHS’ Awingu platform. Each customer has its own tenant. Typically, customers are charged a monthly price per user – other options are also possible.

“The performance is great. Some of our customers used to have VPN-based access into their CRM and database applications. This was very inefficient and bandwidth consuming. With Awingu the experience is a lot smoother and faster” says Nik Margulski. “Awingu is an easy upsell. Customers are quickly convinced of the added value. We simply provide them with a demo account on our “Remote Workspace” platform. When they test the user experience they are often blown-away and immediately sold.“

A little more than 6 months into the launch of Remote Workspace, XTECHS has almost 15% of its users running on its ‘Remote Workspace’ platform. Awingu has grown into a default part of the offering. And where today, XTECHS is mainly providing Awingu-as-a-Service, it sees requests and traction to move entire infrastructures into its managed cloud. As such, they will also be providing a full ‘Workplace-as-a-Service” offer. The performance and manageability in this scenario are a lot higher, equally so for the revenue and margin opportunities.

Benefits for XTECHS Support

  • Browser based access: end-users are not locked into a specific device, no device specific or installation support hassle

  • Solid Performance: the Awingu HTML5 gateways performed better than expected

  • Any Cloud: control where the Awingu platform is deployed. Today this is in colocation, tomorrow this could be hybrid in combination with public cloud

  • Easy to manage: with minimal support, XTECHS was able to deploy and build the Awingu-as-a-Service platform