Vanroey.Be enables their clients with an awingu-as-a-service model is a Belgian Cloud Service Provider and Tier 1 Microsoft CSP Partner with around 200 employees and a strong footprint in the Flemish Kempen. As the company grows, so do their clients: while the customer portfolio initially consisted of local SMB’s, they see a shift towards clientele in mid- and large companies (e.g. Torfs, Hubo, Suez, etc.). is a Microsoft-centric and forward-looking company that focuses on migrating their customers – both larger and smaller parties – to the Azure cloud and a Microsoft 365 model. Their ‘Digital Workplace’ division is becoming a vital part of the organisation, and Awingu plays a major role in their offering.


  • Security: this is a top priority for As Jente puts it: “if we set up an environment, it has to be secure. People who wanted to work in their RDS environment before having Awingu, needed to log in via VPN – which we want to avoid. Nowadays, we never work without MFA – and Awingu has that built-in. If we try to recreate the same offering without Awingu, we need to enable an external MFA on that VPN, which means more work for us, more costs for the customer and a more complicated setup. Awingu is simultaneously a digital workplace and a security
  • Multi-tenancy: the fact that can host multiple tenants from a single Awingu appliance, and have all of those tenants have their individual branding, applications and setup, is a big plus for any CSP.
  • Cost: Awingu is a lot more cost-efficient than other digital workplace solutions. Not only in terms of licenses, but also because the setup is easier (saves time) and is an all-in-one package (saves having to buy external solutions to complement the workspace).
  • Any device: a large portion of’s Awingu users consists of accounting offices. As those often work from a variety of locations (at home, at the office, at a customer), they want to work anywhere, and on any device, in the exact same way. “Many of our clients have a BYOD culture, and Awingu fits that bill perfectly”, says Jente.
  • Simplicity: this is a plus for both and its customers. “Awingu is very easy to manage, very quick to set up and very user-friendly for the end-user.” Furthermore, is using the Awingu API in making Awingu installations even faster and more efficient.
  • Support: “Another asset of Awingu is its support team”, Jente says. “If we have a question, we contact them and almost immediately have an answer to the issue we’re facing.”
If our sales team visits a client nowadays, we just show them the Awingu environment that we use internally. We quickly open some applications and show them how easy and seamless the solution is – and how it differs from a classic RDS environment. Awingu is a simple solution, and we explain it in a simple fashion. Often, words are not even necessary: they see the technology, and they’re sold.
Jente Vandijck
Solutions Architect,
Funny story: we got to know Awingu because we’ve had several customers asking us why we didn’t sell it. And rightly so: the customer feedback we receive about our Awingu offering is unanimously very positive.
Jente Vandijck
Solutions Architect,