The Municipality of Gooise Meren lets staff work from home securely via awingu

The Dutch Municipality of Gooise Meren (merged from Bussum, Naarden, Muiden and Muiderberg in 2016) is located in the Randstad, between Amsterdam, Utrecht, Amersfoort and Almere and has about 58,000 inhabitants. The municipality’s IT team was looking for a way to get their staff to work mainly from home, but they had some requirements: the solution had to be extremely secure , as accessible as possible and easy to manage. When their partner Lantech heard about this, they soon came up with Awingu – and it turned out to be a success story.


  • Data security: Initially, we offered RDS. Since almost everyone worked with a Windows PC (including at home), we could easily sell it to our employees. That’s all well and good, but it wasn’t particularly secure,” says Vincent van Eijden (System Administrator, Municipality of Gooise Meren). “That’s why we went looking for a better solution. The sensitive data stored and processed by the municipality required a certain minimum level of data security. The new solution certainly had to have MFA capabilities. That was really a must: data security is crucial for us, and Awingu is handling that very well.
  • Accessibility: An important factor here was that no software (or VPN client) had to be installed on the user device. “We mainly thought of our users. Not everyone is tech-savvy, which is why we were looking for something that was as accessible as possible. Awingu fitted the bill perfectly: opening a browser and installing your MFA was something everyone could do. The next time you just had to open up Google Chrome, and you could start right away,” says Vincent. Awingu’s simplicity was also a plus for the system administrators: “Our IT team consists of just 4 people, so we didn’t want to bring in a product that would require a lot of work.”
  • Scalability: “Just when we had phased out the old solution completely, the pandemic broke out. Fortunately, Awingu is a scalable solution, and with the purchase of some extra licences we were able to have the majority of our staff working from home without any problems. At the moment, everyone actually uses Awingu, from the community service officer to the mayor. Everyone has access to the digital workplace. In addition, Awingu is also used at external workplaces that are not connected to the municipal network, such as the cemeteries.”
  • Excellent support: Initially, the end users at the municipality had problems using Awingu in combination with a second screen. This was reported to Awingu, after which our support and development teams dealt with it head-on. “The result of our request was that we were allowed to use a beta version of Awingu in which our problem was raised. We really liked the way Awingu reacted to this, and we were very happy with the result”.