Simple and secure remote working at the Municipality of Stabroek

For its roughly 125 IT users, the municipality of Stabroek was looking for a way to let their aldermen, chiefs of staff and employees work from anywhere on any device. As they are a local government, and thus handling a lot of confidential data (such as the National Register), security is key within their IT environment. Awingu has proven to provide an answer to their challenges, and more:


  • Security: Awingu’s security features (MFA) makes sure employees can securely log in and access all their apps and files, without anything leaving the data center

  • Work anywhere: aldermen typically work after hours, and can now use the applications that are only accessible within the city network

  • Simplicity: ‘‘After logging in – which is as straightforward as can be – people find their way in the workspace very easily’, Laurent Grandgaignage (System Administrator, Municipality of Stabroek) says. ‘It is a really friendly interface, even for less tech-savvy people.’

  • Combat shadow IT: file and session sharing within Awingu defeats the purpose of WeTransfer and other third-party tools, and can actively be used as a weapon to counter data sharing that stays ‘under the radar’

  • Smartcard compatibility: ‘Our mayor Henri Frans was on a holiday when he suddenly (and rather urgently) had to approve some permits via his eID (electronic identity card). Instead of having to drive three hours back and forth to the town hall and back, he simply used Awingu and its smartcard compatibility to sign the documents. Awingu proved to be a real timesaver in that scenario’, says Laurent.