L’agence de la Biomédecine easily set up secure teleworking with Awingu

The Biomedicine Agency is a French public administrative establishment (EPA) created by the bioethics law of August 6, 2004. It operates in 4 very distinct fields: the removal and transplant of organs and tissues, the removal and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, medically assisted procreation, human embryology and genetics. Those are areas of competence which make it the reference authority on the medical, scientific, legal and ethical aspects linked to questions on those topics. It reports on its activities and the application of the law to Parliament and the Government.

The need for a telework solution

Enabling telework was the answer to a growing need expressed by the 250 employees of the Biomedicine Agency. Work at home had to be unrestricted for the user, but without any safety compromises. At the start of 2019, the Biomedicine Agency therefore decided to allow its staff to telework.

There were constraints, however:

“We needed to set up a fully functional and secure solution for our employees to work at home and in the office, from their own computers. The demand for flexibility brought by remote working came 100% from our staff! In addition, we had a limited budget and a small IT team, so Citrix was not chosen because it was too costly and complex to manage for us “
Christophe Vincent
Head of IT, Biomedicine Agency

Data confidentiality

In practice, teleworking means that users are able to access their fixed workstation anytime, from anywhere and on any device

“What really motivated our decision in favor of Awingu is the fact that no installation on the mobile user’s computer is necessary,” says Christophe. “The user can securely access the applications and files from their desk phone using the browser as if they were at their desk.”

Given that the Biomedicine Agency is an institution that deals with sensitive patient files, it is not surprising that data confidentiality and GDPR are amongst the highest priorities. The Biomedicine Agency wanted to make sure that the remote work solution chosen allowed all the data to remain on their servers and that no form of data copies could be made remotely.

Working with Awingu

When they opted for Awingu, they immediately saw that the right ingredients were there:

Facilitate telework: The Biomedicine Agency has a small IT team, so it was essential to find a solution that generates a minimum number of support tickets. With Awingu, their employees only need to navigate to a specific URL from any browser and any device in order to establish a secure connection to access their landline and work as if they were in the office. There is no need to install agents or clients, which saves valuable time and avoids connection difficulties.

Data confidentiality: The connection established between Awingu and the remote offices works over SSL and the administrator can deactivate the downloading of files on the local device. In other words, what happens on the server stays on the server.

Simple configuration: The Awingu configuration was done in a few hours and remained easy to manage afterwards.

Security: The multi-factor authentication integrated in Awingu is a plus, as it increases the level of security by authenticating users in a standardized way.

Based on internal studies at Agence de la Biomédecine, Christophe Vincent confirms an Awingu satisfaction level of over 90%!