Peloton leverages Awingu to go SAAS

Peloton Computer Enterprises Ltd. is a Canadian ISV (Independent Software Vendor) that develops drilling and well data software for oil and gas companies worldwide. They are a leading technology player in this market. More than 450 oil and gas companies around the globe rely on Peloton’s software to make better informed, data-driven decisions, and the industry is slowly but surely shifting towards the cloud. Therefore, Peloton chose Awingu to make their industry-specific software available on any device, anywhere.

Why Awingu?

  • Great user-experience: users get access to their Peloton applications without compromise.
  • Simplicity of the architecture: Awingu is an easy solution to set up and is a good long-term source for Peloton’s SaaS strategy.
  • Browser-based: no need to install software on client machines, and thus clients can run Peloton’s software on any type of device.
  • Support for local printing: users can print reports directly to a local printer without any software to install.


  • Dramatically simplified support and operation efforts: previously, “Peloton’s client rollouts would take weeks to months. With Awingu and Microsoft Azure, it takes Peloton minutes to deploy a new customer.” This kind of operational efficiency has proved to be vital for Peloton.
  • Quicker route to value: for Peloton to get customers up and running quickly means fewer support costs, quicker route to value, optimization of the cashflow and happier customers.
  • Improved sales operation: Awingu requires zero configuration and zero client software installation. It is now really simple for Peloton to set up “try-and-buy” models for new prospects.
  • Increased ARPU (Average Revenue Per User): Peloton’s move to a SaaS revenue model has triggered a significant increase in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) as it now offers not only software licenses, but a fully managed service.