Infodidac builds cloud offer with Awingu and Microsoft Azure

InfoDidac builds cloud offer with Awingu and Microsoft Azure: InfoDidac is the developer of ‘ProEco’. This is the core administration software, used in 1300 schools in the Belgian French Community. ‘ProEco’ is a legacy software that runs locally on the PC of the end-user. It was not built to run as a SaaS service. In the 21st century, schools and their staff need to work more even more efficiently and flexibly.

Benefits for InfoDidac:

  1. No new code: No need to re-write legacy application. Awingu makes it available in the browser (in html5)
  2. Easy to install and maintain: The setup of Awingu was done in very short time, upgrades are done in a matter of minutes
  3. Customized: The Awingu workspace is customized to the wishes and look & feel of Infodidac
  4. Multi-tenant: thanks to the multi-tenancy of the Awingu, management of schools and users became a lot easier. 

Benefits for the end-users (users of ‘CloudEco’)

  1. Flexible: Work from anywhere and any device
  2. Stress-free: Back-ups are done automatically by InfoDidac
  3. Aggregated: Possibility to access multiple schools’ data from the same platform (for administrative staff that work for multiple schools)