Fargo systems moves its legacy TMS software to the cloud with Awingu

Fargo Systems is an innovator in the provision and support of core business software and services to the logistics industry. With a wealth of far-reaching industry knowledge, its roots and history go back a great deal further than the company’s inception in 2002 with solid foundations within the shipping and transport industries.

A leading provider of TMS (Transport Management System) solutions, Fargo Systems offers four software packages: TOPS, Cyman, TOPS…on the go, and Next to building and selling software, it also supports customers with additional services and consulting. By understanding their customers’ operations, Fargo Systems works closely with them to deliver and build upon improved management, processes, and efficiencies with innovative IT solutions.

End of life announcement poses need for alternative solution

Historically, Fargo Systems has deployed its software either on-premise or through the cloud, hosted by Azure, leveraging Azure RemoteApp. When Microsoft announced the end of life for the Azure RemoteApp service in August 2017, Fargo Systems needed an alternative solution to continue catering to the needs of their customers.

For the new Azure-based solution, Fargo Systems turned to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and identified Awingu as a solid alternative to Azure RemoteApp. Awingu software is a workspace aggregator that provides a central workspace for people to access all their data using whatever device they prefer from anywhere. Awingu significantly shortens and smoothens the creation of a complete workspace environment in the Azure Cloud. Using a simple installation wizard, IT administrators can set up and configure Awingu and back-end applications servers in a matter of minutes and allows access to SaaS applications with a single login. The key value point for Fargo Systems was that Awingu would enable them to offer their software through a connected browser and sell it via a service model.

Speedy delivery and cost savings

The environment in Azure was set up in under a day, giving Fargo a real-life environment to test internally and with end-customers before deciding to go into production. The concurrent based pricing model of Awingu provided a cost-efficient means for Fargo Systems to tailor their end-customer offering.


  • Faster Time to Market: by simplifying the creation of a complete workspace environment in the Azure Cloud, Fargo Systems was able to deliver their TMS solutions to their customers in a matter of days while achieving a great TCO.
  • Ease and Simplicity: Fargo Systems’ users can access and use any application or file they need using just their browser. There is nothing to install or configure for the end user — all they need is an Internet connection and an HTML browser.
  • Cost-efficiency: Awingu’s concurrent based pricing model provided a cost-efficient means for Fargo Systems to tailor their end-customer offering.

"Thanks to the ease-of-use of the Azure Marketplace, Fargo Systems was able to deploy and test Awingu on Azure in their specific context and use-case. And this was in a matter of hours."
Arnaud Marliere
CMO, Awingu