A perfect solution for isv’s transformation into a saas model

B Rekencentra develops cargo and freight software for the transport & logistics industry. Implementing their software into the customer workflow, is a heavy task. Therefore, they have the need to have a cloud-based solution which they can propose to smaller clients or for demonstration and testing purposes. Awingu fits the bill perfectly.


  • Facilitate deployment and usage of their software: B Rekencentra can now host its software in a public cloud and leverage Awingu to provide end-user access via a simple Browser
  • No local installation, no VPN: before Awingu, prospects needed to install the software locally, or B Rekencentra had to work with VPN’s, adding a lot of complexity to the process
  • Demo platform enables selling: B Rekencentra set up a demo platform in their public cloud and used Awingu to give prospects easy access via their browser
  • Reduced support workload: 100% browser based solution reduces support tickets and installation workload (e.g. local network and firewall configuration)