Fongecif Occitanie chooses awingu to simplify the life of its employees

Transitions Pro Occitanie is an interprofessional joint organization and a regional professional transition operator that has been supporting projects in professional development and retraining projects for 35 years now.

Following the 2017 territorial reform imposing the merger of the two former Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon regions , Transitions Pro Occitanie initiated a project to completely rethink the information systems master plan with the objective of outsourcing its IT operations. In addition, faced with many changes and a high cost of maintaining Windows workstations, Transitions Pro Occitanie has chosen to set up a collaborative portal capable of consolidating all the applications and files of its association in a single place and via a highly secure way. “We absolutely needed a solution with secure access to our data in order to be in compliance with the GDPR in regard to the personal data we process,” says Catherine Montfort (Project & IT Manager, Transitions Pro Occitanie).

In the long term, we plan to equip ourselves with Chromebook devices to reduce the cost of our fixed IT assets. We were looking for a solution that would allow all our applications to run on any device while respecting the constraints of GDPR. Furthermore, our old architecture needed a solution that freed us from mobile VPNs. The deployment of Awingu at Transitions Pro Occitanie has made this possible.
Catherine Monfort
Project & IT Manager, Transitions Pro Occitanie

At Transitions Pro Occitanie, Awingu has

  • Simplified the lives of end user with an easy to use and highly intuitive Unified Workspace
  • Facilitated IT management
  • Stabilized their connectivity by eradicating VPN
  • Secured the data of the structure via a highly secure and audited single access point to their company data