Awingu as the secure work from home solution at industrial manufacturer Latesys

Latesys is an international industrial manufacturer for the aerospace industry, with more than 800 employees in 7 countries, and a subsidiary of the ADF Group with 3600 employees. In order to let their employees work from home, they were looking to publish much-demanding client applications online.


  • The simplicity of the solution: the deployment and commissioning literally took a handful of days.
  • The very short testing and validation period lasted 3 weeks all-inclusive, from setting up the infrastructure to the POC (Proof of Concept).
  • The security aspect is extremely satisfying: Awingu complies natively with all Latesys’ security requirements: access, logging, session recording, etc. This played a major role in the choice for Awingu.
  • Scalability is also on the agenda. This means Latesys can calmly envisage any future extension of the application according to their needs, particularly through the implementation of new clusters.
  • The big competitive advantage offered by the Awingu solution is that Latesys can now publish both applications and machines. “Our employees use very powerful workstations for their calculation needs. And this is no problem at all: they can telework on the company’s machine via remote access on a simple laptop without any loss of quality. Added to this is the performance of the application: the computing staff has given very positive feedback to the IT department about the power of the application in response to their needs”, says Olivier.
  • “The quality of the support and their responsiveness has been an essential service for us, and it’s a good thing it’s there when we meet up; for each of our questions to Awingu support, we got real, constructive and effective answers. And what’s even more remarkable, is that on they always reply on “D0”. This is a sign of the maturity of the services offered by the software publisher.”
  • The integration of Awingu with the ecosystem of Latesys’ other applications is perfect and without redundancy. “First and foremost: user authentication. The directories set up in our company have been perfectly integrated with Awingu, which knows how to retrieve them without asking us to create a new layer of user IDs. Our group has 3600 employees, many of them use Awingu on an ad hoc basis, there are few manipulations to be carried out by the IT department to authorize a new access, which is not negligible.”
  • “The continuous evolution of the application: as an Awingu user customer, we observe and benefit from the rapid evolutions on important subjects of the application. We feel that Awingu is a living application, listening and adapting to the needs of its customers and users. Since the installation of the application in our company just 6 months ago, we have benefited from the removal of the double screen management problem which was integrated following the request of several Awingu users. This positioning of Awingu’s development team certainly confirms our confidence in the solution.

We are extremely satisfied with the deployment of the Awingu solution in our IT ecosystem, and it meets our needs in every respect. The deployment was initiated in early 2020 and accelerated during the COVID containment period, during which we went from 20 user licenses to 60 in April 2020.During the period of containment, all our employees were effectively able to telework thanks to this solution”
Olivier Carles
CIO & IT Director, Latesys
"Deploying Awingu at Latesys gave us a strong feeling of satisfaction, a total success on our initial objectives, great ease of deployment and results that meet our expectations. All of that so much so that we are considering reducing the scope of other third-party applications that are older and less powerful than Awingu. Its business model is much more attractive than that of its competitors, and that is also a very attractive point.
Olivier Carles
CIO & IT Director, Latesys