Aviapartner Deploys Awingu As A Perfect Alternative To Citrix

Aviapartner is one of the leading international independent providers of ground handling services across 37 airports in 6 European countries. They employ around nearly 6000 staff serving needs of 30 million passengers. They also manage cargo handling for around 1 million tons of cargo each year.

Aviapartner was fully deployed on Citrix, but they found this to be a cost-inefficient solution for Aviapartner. With a help from Altogee, they chose to try Awingu deployed on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

The switch to Awingu brought many advantages to AviaPartner:

  • Awingu provided significant cost gains compared to Citrix.
  • Awingu furthermore makes it easy to support multiple devices. To be full “platform agnostic”. AviaPartner currently supports over a dozen devices from their airport based terminals to MacBooks, iPads, etc. and users need to get access their core applications on all devices, anywhere.
  • They adopted Awingu’s built-in One-Time-Password solution and phase-out the use of classic MFA tokens

"Mobile working on any type of device is crucial to our business. We operate in a line of business where people need mobile access to their core applications and data: be it ‘groundstaff’ in the airport terminal or management on the road."
"We choose to work with our strategic advisor and partner AltoGee to find a good and cost-effective solution to our needs."
"Aviapartner also depends a lot on seasonal workers. In peak periods, our staffing can easily double. Awingu’s concurrent-user based licensing model neatly covers this."