Die Keure gives secure and easy access to third parties in the publishing business

Printer and publisher ‘die Keure’ uses Awingu to give their employees and external parties secure access to internal business applications whilst paving their way towards GDPR compliance. They chose our unified workspace for its cost-efficiency and simplicity compared to more expensive and complicated solutions such as Citrix. Next to this; die Keure chose Awingu because of its simplicity to implement multi-factor authentication.


  • Citrix replacement: implementing Awingu helped die Keure to make their digital workplace more cost-efficient and a lot easier to manage and use. According to Frederic Van Quickenborne (IT Manager, die Keure), one of the primary benefits of Awingu over Citrix is the fact that users don’t have to install anything on their device to get to work – something that has spared a lot of time in support tickets.

  • Cost-efficiency: besides its friendly pricing, Awingu has opened the option of replacing terminals by Chromebooks from which users can log in to the server, which is a highly cost-efficient investment.

  • Compliance: Awingu’s security features, e.g. the ou-of-the-box MFA, helped the IT environment on the road towards compliance with several regulations, such as GDPR. ‘The company faces many challenges in working together with their clients and partners in a secure way,’ says Frederic Van Quickenborne (IT Manager, die Keure), ‘which was one of the reasons to look into secure and easy to use collaboration tools.’

  • Collaboration: Die Keure is working together with publishers, suppliers, authors, editors and many other external parties. The people at those companies need to have access to several of die Keure’s files and applications in a secure and simple way. Awingu is a very simple and fast solution to give internal people access to business applications when they work from home on the one hand. On the other hand, there are external parties who can now use internal applications in a secure way without being a direct data transfer between their device and the servers of die tech-savvy people.’

  • Any device: Awingu users at die Keure worked on a wide variety of devices and operating systems, ranging from Windows laptops to Chromebooks to Macbooks. Awingu is device agnostic: all you need is a browser (on any kind of device or OS) and you’re good to go!

  • Secure file sharing: to rid themselves of ‘the WeTransfers of this world’, die Keure started using Awingu’s secure file sharing with, which has a built-in function to easily and highly securely share files with both internal and external recipients.