Csp Databalance and awingu are a perfect match

Databalance was Awingu’s first Dutch partner in 2015. Less than five years later, there is not a single crack to be discovered in that marriage. The Cloud Solutions Provider and the provider of a Unified Workplace solution are an excellent match.

“The Power Cloud,” that’s how Databalance describes its range of data center services such as hosting, colocation, PaaS, IaaS and customized IT solutions. It has two high-quality Dutch data centers that use flash-only storage and the latest IBM Power and Intel systems. The company is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified and a SAP PE Services Gold Partner. It uses a B2B2B model in which it collaborates with SAP partners. Those partners sell cloud solutions, including SAP, to the end customer and Databalance delivers this – even up to installing the operating system. Databalance manages the entire environment, does the backups and monitors the performance.

Technical knowledge

Philip Kluijtmans, sales manager at Databalance for eight years, was involved in the collaboration with Awingu from the start. “We use Awingu to offer managed private cloud workplaces to SAP partners and their customers. A few years ago we saw that the demand for being able to work anytime, anywhere and with any device was increasing. We then looked at several providers. With other parties, we noticed that the technical knowledge was often quite limited. We were able to deploy the solution in a standard environment, but when a little more complexity was required, those parties fell through. Awingu has a serious, professional help desk. We are always helped quickly and in a very practical way with questions. That’s really important. There is often no standard nowadays. Each end customer has its own standard and a solution must be found. ”

Databalance now uses Awingu with every managed private cloud. “Because we are convinced of the quality of the solution. We actually have two types of customers now. There is a group that has its own cloud environment and that only needs SAP. That’s fine. But a very large number of customers run their entire cloud with us, including the Awingu workplace.”

Databalance itself offers a lot of flexibility. “We can easily scale it up and down for users. In addition, the solution is also very management-friendly. That’s also because we use Awingu in a multi-tenant way. We have set up the Awingu platform in two data centers, high availability, with multiple connections in both cases. ”

The Databalance partners are also satisfied. “The partners who do not offer cloud possibilities themselves, fully rely on our expertise in this area. Their end customers turn out to be very satisfied, which of course makes it very easy to offer Awingu again for the next project. ”


Everything fails or succeeds with the satisfaction of the end-user. And as Kluijtmans indicates: there is no discussion about this. When explaining what he believes this is, he mentions, among other things, the possibility for customers to place their own logo on the login page and the two-factor authentication when logging in. But the keyword is mainly simplicity. “The solution is simply extremely user-friendly. The user wants to be able to log in at any workplace via a browser, any browser, without having to download software first. After that, he must be able to get to work quickly, but of course safely. You can do that with Awingu. Having to install software first, which is often the case with other solutions, is simply outdated. ”

According to Kluijtmans, the list of satisfied customers is very long. He picks one out: the company Beeztees, a wholesaler of toys, accessories and other supplies for pets in Waalwijk. Kluijtmans: “They use the SAP ECC solution for ERP. Since the start of our collaboration with Awingu, they have adopted the cloud workplace. The employees travel a lot, also abroad. Then there is nothing more pleasant and easier than getting to your workplace quickly and safely via the internet browser. You are also directly in your SAP systems and have all the information you need. ”

Performance and speed

“Especially in these times, when working from home has become necessary for many people, a secure cloud workplace is crucial. Being able to work anytime, anywhere and on any device has never been more important than now,” Kluijtmans refers to the corona crisis. “And we think Awingu is simply the best choice. The combination of our AAA class data centers and the clientless workplace of Awingu is very strong. All conditions for good performance and high speed are simply present, the only thing that could cause a delay is the local connection at the end customer. ”

The conclusion is clear: Databalance would no longer want to work without Awingu. “Our only goal is to help every end customer as best as possible. And that is possible with this trusted and strong solution. We are very satisfied and so are the end customers. ”