Cevi/Logins chooses awingu technology to launch cloud offering

October 15, 2019 – Cevi/Logins and Awingu enter into a partnership to bring new Cevi/Logins Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings to the market for Flemish local governments. Cevi/Logins will replace Citrix with Awingu. In addition to its SaaS offering, Cevi/Logins will also use Awingu internally.Cevi/Logins is an ISV specialised in building modern and reliable IT systems, especially for government institutions (provincial governments, municipalities, CPAS, police districts, emergency zones, intermunicipal companies, care companies, …) but also for other industries. Cevi/Logins has a leading position in the automation of processes and services at Flemish local authorities. Christoph Verheecke, CCO Cevi/Logins, adds that “Cevi/Logins wants to be the trusted partner of the local authorities. We want to relieve our customers of their worries in these rapidly evolving times. With Awingu we give a solution to the increasing complexity. That is what our customers want: solutions.”

Awingu, a ‘Gartner Cool Vendor in Unified Workspace’, is building a software solution from its headquarters in Ghent. Awingu offers both SMEs and large companies a secure workspace that is available in any browser. This means from anywhere and on any device. Awingu aggregates Windows and Linux applications or desktops, intranet applications and documents in an online workplace. “Awingu is a unique solution because it can offer classic software in the browser in HTML5 in a very easy, scalable and secure way,” says Walter Van Uytven, CEO Awingu. “We have very diverse customers today: from hospitals, local governments to banks and car manufacturers. However, software houses such as Infodidac (Belgium), Fargo Systems (UK) and Peloton Software (Canada) also find their way to Awingu in their ‘journey to SaaS’. We are very happy that Cevi/Logins also chooses Awingu.”

Cevi/Logins has been active since 1971 and has since then experienced enormous growth and a very strong position in the Flemish local authorities. Since the early years, the various software packages have evolved enormously.

Our customers expect an integrated service today. They want to get rid of the complexity of doing everything themselves, and of the growing need for IT security. Awingu is completely suitable for our purposes: offering our software packages as a service to local governments. Users simply log in via their browser and the IT administrators do not have to deal with complex local installations
Jan Deprest
General Manager, Cevi/Logins