Bond Consulting Services cloudifies microsoft dynamics gp with awingu​

Bond Consulting Services is a California-based IT consulting firm and one of the top 200 Microsoft partners in the United States. Although technically not an ISV, they use Awingu in the same way: to make a legacy application available on any device. With over a combined 100 years of experience, their primary focus is Microsoft Dynamics implementations, which include proactive technology training and provisioning. Many of their clients have been using Microsoft Dynamics GP for a long time and want to have access to their applications via any device – although this used to be impossible, BCS can now offer this in an easy to use and manage and highly secure way to their clients via Awingu.

Before we continue, it’s important to make the distinction between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Both are lines of ERP and CRM with a high degree of functionality, but the 365 version which was introduced in 2016 is ‘SaaS’ (Software-as-a-Service) – meaning that it is fully hosted by Microsoft on Azure (like Microsoft’s other 365 products). Dynamics GP, on the other hand, offers more functionality but is typically hosted on-premise or at a hosting provider of your choice and does not have a Microsoft-hosted SaaS option. The only alternative to this was the web client option of GP, but that required a lot of backend configuration with only limited functionality.

‘Most of our clients have been working with Dynamics GP since way before 365 was introduced, and the majority of them host it on-premise. As the cloud is becoming more and more prevalent in business, many of our clients are asking to access Dynamics GP as if it were a cloud solution,’ says Bob Bond (President, Bond Consulting Services). They were looking for a way to let users access their applications anywhere, on any device, and found that solution with Awingu. ‘The proposition that we make to clients is the following: with Awingu you can now access Dynamics GP from anywhere at any time, even when at home or on the road. You don’t need to have anything installed on the device, no need to be connected to your company network, and no need for installing and configuring a VPN. All you need to do is open your web browser, log in to Awingu and there is your Microsoft Dynamics as if you would have opened it at your desk at the office. That’s it – it’s that simple!’


  • Simplicity: end-users don’t have to install anything, just grab any device and they’re good to go. They have the full cloud experience without any of the hassle. It doesn’t matter where it’s deployed, they don’t know and don’t care. For administrators, too, the Awingu component is very easy to deploy and configure and manage going forward.
  • Accessibility: BCS’ clients can access their Microsoft Dynamics GP apps (and others) anywhere, on any device, via the browser. ‘Awingu takes the wind out of the sails of competitors saying that Dynamics GP is only on-premise, and you can’t access it via the cloud,’ says Bob. ‘If someone says that, they’re wrong – we’re doing it right now.’
  • Security: ‘having a secure access without loopholes plays a big role for our customers. Especially at C-level, we notice that strong security is an equally important concern as the accessibility. Awingu ties in perfectly with the Microsoft authentication models and has SSO options. There’s not a single IT expert we spoke to that isn’t convinced of Awingu’s robust security.’