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Safetica NXT, next-gen SaaS DLP, brings extremely fast time-to-protection of data

Safetica, the data security company with more than ten years of experience in developing the easiest to implement enterprise Data Loss Prevention*, enhances its next-gen SaaS DLP with easy management and the fastest implementation. Now any company with a hybrid workplace can deploy Safetica NXT with a single click and begin to protect their data in a matter of hours.

Implementation of legacy DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions used to be highly costly and inefficient projects with unclear outcomes. Safetica directly addresses this by continuously improving its SaaS product to turn this situation around for good.

Safetica NXT the next-gen SaaS (Software as a Service) DLPnow provides truly easy-to-use data protection enhanced with automation and built-in templates. It’s continuing Safetica’s tradition of best practices in data security for SMB and small enterprises.

Developed to run and reside natively in the secured cloud, deploying Safetica NXT is possible in minutes. No in-house hardware infrastructure is needed.

Once Safetica Clients have been remotely installed on Windows or macOS devices, it takes as little as one day to complete setup and configuration (with the help of our new product guide). Then you can immediately audit data flow, classify sensitive data and begin protecting it.

According to our most recent experience with Safetica NXT deployment, it takes, on average, just ten days to collect all necessary information from a customer’s environment, evaluate it and produce the first report, including a sensitive data-flow audit and incident overview,  

says David Klíma, Product Manager, Safetica.  

When you have an overview of your data security posture, you can efficiently detect insider threats and risks, prevent data leaks, and audit incidents right away, adds David Klíma.

Effective data protection requires fast implementation, the least amount of time to administer, and the ability to respond to detected incidents rapidly. Safetica’s years of DLP experience and focus on easy implementation and use have been acknowledged by SoftwareReviews. In 2021/2022, Safetica was recognized as an industry Champion and Gold medalist in the DPL marketplace.



Safetica has been developing a risk-driven SaaS solution with a focus on simplicity and automation. Straightforward settings and a pre-configured environment help to free up admins’ hands. Smart auto-detection of risk, continuous auto-definition of the company’s safe digital workspace, and auto-generated security reports further support low-maintenance operations. So Safetica NXT only takes a couple of hours per week to manage.

Based on the constant analysis of sensitive data flow, Safetica NXT evaluates the risk level of each operation and every protected user. Holistic risk classification is presented in a simple format of low to high-risk indicators to help managers focus only on events that require fast response.

The admin can always decide which category of high-risk events should be automatically blocked or which situations warrant notifying users about a potential risk and letting them proceed with logging the event.

This is especially beneficial for hybrid workspaces with remote workers and employees working from home. Furthermore, smart scanning dynamically recognizes when an employee is used to working, regardless of normal business hours, to ensure more accurate risk evaluation and incident detection.

Implementation projects and administration of traditional DLP solutions have a terrible reputation. That’s why we decided to transform ours into a service that keeps sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands by detecting security risks and preventing incidents from day one, says Zbynek Sopuch, CTO of Safetica.


Monthly and annual per-user subscriptions to Safetica NXT are available immediately through Safetica channel partners. The free web trial is open to any interested party via

Subscriptions include cloud-native management with easy-to-set sensitive data detection and protection rules and easy-to-read reports and logs for incidents investigation, plus Safetica Client installed on endpoint devices (Windows and macOS).

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About Safetica
Safetica is to provide small and mid-sized companies with the same quality data protection that corporations have – affordably, and without any additional IT administration or disruptions in operation.