New VEGAS Pro 15 available now – Providing filmmakers the ultimate work-space customization

MAGIX announces the availability of the latest update to the VEGAS family of products. VEGAS Pro 15 once again establishes the software as an innovation leader with new features both inside and out, and a fresh, innovative UI that accommodates your personal workflow for maximum productivity. A modern look, powerful plug-ins, cutting-edge hardware acceleration, and important productivity tools and features help you work faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Workflow and UI enhancements

The innovative hamburger menu system, found throughout the application, keeps the UI clutter free and gives users the power to customize their work space, yet still grants easy access to all the tools. Selectable background shade, adjustable icon color strength, and streamlined track headers and event design enhance and maximize timeline workflow.

Hardware Acceleration

Support for modern graphics cards and Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) technology produce enhanced real-time response and faster rendering times for important popular video formats.

Picture-in-Picture and Crop OFX plug-ins

New PinP and Crop OFX plug-ins offer real-time controls right on the Video Preview window for direct manipulation of plug-in parameters, and provides a faster, more intuitive workflow.

Advanced Color Workflows

Support for ACES 1.0 and a new LUT OFX plug-in give you the ability to work in the expanded color spaces of modern cameras from all major manufacturers.

Tools to speed productivity

The Instant Freeze Frame, Selectively Paste Event Attributes, and the Share Online features provide short cuts to popular production workflows.

Professional plug-in bundles power creativity

Industry-leading plug-in developers BorisFX, HitFilm, and NewBlueFX provide additional tools for VEGAS Pro 15 and VEGAS Pro 15 Suite that enable customers to enhance and repair video, generate spectacular effects and easily produce stunning titles.

 “Since we resurrected VEGAS Pro a year ago, we’ve received a ton of valuable feedback, and VEGAS Pro 15 comes as a direct result of that customer feedback,” said Gary Rebholz, VEGAS Product Owner. “Everything we’ve done – from the very visible innovative approach to user interface design, to invisible deep-code optimizations to software and hardware acceleration, and all of the new features in between come straight from our users. This new version proves that VEGAS Pro is here to stay and sets the tone for an exciting future for the VEGAS line. We are very proud to present VEGAS Pro 15.”

VEGAS Pro 15 is now available online and in stores worldwide.


About Version 2 Limited
Version 2 Limited is one of the most dynamic IT companies in Asia. The company develops and distributes IT products for Internet and IP-based networks, including communication systems, Internet software, security, network, and media products. Through an extensive network of channels, point of sales, resellers, and partnership companies, Version 2 Limited offers quality products and services which are highly acclaimed in the market. Its customers cover a wide spectrum which include Global 1000 enterprises, regional listed companies, public utilities, Government, a vast number of successful SMEs, and consumers in various Asian cities.

Today, millions of VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio users benefit from global industry-leading video editing technologies. Now, VEGAS launches into a new era. In May, 2016, MAGIX acquired the multiple award-winning VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio product lines, along with other video and audio products. VEGAS Creative Software stands poised to take video editing to a new level. Our development teams in the US and Germany are working on innovative solutions to old problems, and building tools that push the boundaries of what’s currently possible. The VEGAS Creative Software mission: to make VEGAS software faster, more efficient, and even more intuitive. Our goal: to provide users at all levels–from video editing amateurs to creative professionals–tools that are perfectly suited to their needs and demands.


Excellent news from Brno!

GREYCORTEX is proud to announce that we have been named as part of the ESET Technology Alliance. In addition to complimenting ESET’s existing endpoint security solutions – by addressing traffic within the network, this relationship means that GREYCORTEX MENDEL is now available through all ESET partners, worldwide. You can read our full press release below:

GREYCORTEX Joins ESET Technology Alliance

Brno, Czech Republic – GREYCORTEX, advanced network security solutions provider, is happy to announce that it has been named as a part of the ESET Technology Alliance which provides holistic protection against advanced cyber threats. Launched in 2013, the ESET Technology Alliance is an integration partnership that aims to better protect businesses by offering a range of complementary IT security solutions. All members of the ESET Technology Alliance are carefully vetted against a set of established criteria to extend “best-in-class” business protection across IT environments.

Through the ESET Technology Alliance partnership, MENDEL, GREYCORTEX’s network traffic analysis solution, is now available to enterprise customers through all ESET partners. MENDEL uses advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis to detect threats to enterprise, government, and critical infrastructure networks that other network security solutions miss. It is able to offer rapid detection and response to network security teams, but also gives them the security to know that they can efficiently monitor network performance and visualize the entire network up to, and including the application layer.

Providing effective network security is continually evolving. Security analysts need to be able to identify not just threats like viruses, but also advanced persistent threats like malware, RATs, Trojans, and Zero-day attacks. Analysts also need to know that they have full network visibility on every device and application in the network. MENDEL provides complete network visibility and detailed insight into application and network performance, so that security teams can identify threats before they do damage,” said Petr Chaloupka, CEO, GREYCORTEX.

GREYCORTEX compliments ESET’s existing endpoint security solutions, by addressing traffic within the network. “There are never enough layers of security for one’s network infrastructure,” said Jeronimo Varela, Director of Global Sales at ESET. “The GREYCORTEX solution provides an analysis of any behavioral anomalies that may go unnoticed. Moreover, the solution is easily integrated into the infrastructure of businesses of any size and can work not only as a detection or monitoring tool, but also to provide visibility into the  functionality of additional security components.”

For more details about GREYCORTEX’s solution MENDEL, please click here.
More information about the ESET Technology Alliance can be found here.

GREYCORTEX uses advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining methods to help organizations make their IT operations secure and reliable.

MENDEL, GREYCORTEX’s network traffic analysis solution, helps corporations, governments, and the critical infrastructure sector protect their futures by detecting cyber threats to sensitive data, networks, trade secrets, and reputations, which other network security products miss.

MENDEL is based on 10 years of extensive academic research and is designed using the same technology which was successful in four US-based NIST Challenges.

About ESET
For 30 years, ESET® has been developing industry-leading IT security software and services for businesses and consumers worldwide. With solutions ranging from endpoint security to encryption and two-factor authentication, ESET’s high-performing, easy-to-use products give individuals and businesses the peace of mind to enjoy the full potential of their technology. ESET unobtrusively protects and monitors 24/7, updating defenses in real time to keep users safe and businesses running without interruption. Evolving threats require an evolving IT security company. Backed by R&D facilities worldwide, ESET became the first IT security company to earn 100 Virus Bulletin VB100 awards, identifying every single “in-the-wild” malware without interruption since 2003.


Network management is a stressful proposition, comprising not only the administration of the network, but also maintaining its performance, provisioning devices, etc. With the number of devices in a network growing – due in part to IoT within the office and BYOD which come and go frequently, and the risks of advanced persistent malware, the stress is only increasing.

Luckily, GREYCORTEX MENDEL helps reduce the stress of network administration. According to recent studies, 76% of IT Professionals cite lack of visibility as a challenge in addressing issues in their networks. MENDEL offers full network visibility, up to, and including the application layer, without profiling a specific subnet or host. This means that whenever a new device enters the network, or a subnet or host is moved, identifying vulnerabilities or reconnecting appropriate devices is easy to accomplish.

MENDEL also helps network administrators improve their security, especially against advanced threats hiding within a network. It is common to use firewalls, antivirus, but also SIEMs, IPS, sandboxes, etc to protect a network. These various solutions all overlap for layered security, but each can be defeated.

Currently it takes 46 days to detect a network breach. MENDEL steps into these gaps by identifying anomalous network traffic activity, differentiating between human and machine activity, and integrating robust IDS rulesets to identify threats before they can do damage – often within hours. In some cases, like the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, MENDEL was able to identify the attack in a matter of minutes, well before it could start encrypting files.

MENDEL is based on machine learning and big data analysis. It installs in 30 minutes and can be configured in under two hours. It monitors networks using network traffic analysis without slowing traffic. Because deployment is painless, and network speed is preserved, a risk free 30 day trial is truly “risk free.” To find out more about MENDEL, or to see what may be hiding in your network from a 30 day trial, contact your local distributor or GREYCORTEX directly.


For the second year in a row, GREYCORTEX has been nominated as a National Finalist at the Central European Startup Awards (CESA) – The awards select the best startups from across 10 Central European countries, with the winners qualifying to go forward to the Global Startup Awards.
Last year, GREYCORTEX won Best Early Stage Startup, given in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This year, GREYCORTEX is nominated in three categories:

  • Startup of the Year
  • Best AI Startup
  • Best Newcomer

The Czech winners will be announced at the Czech National Finale on September 25th in Prague. Public voting GREYCORTEX in these three categories is currently open, and may be found here: